February 27, 2007

You’d Like to Think ….

…. that Herculean hypocrisy like this (HT Instapundit, who refers to the hubbub as an “Inconvenient Utility Bill”) would get broader exposure.

Don’t count on it.

Just look at previous examples from the left side of the aisle, known to but a few.

Nah, instead it’s more important to know how many wives someone’s great-grandfather had. Yeah, that’s relevant. (/sarcasm)


UPDATE: Meanwhile, the former US Senator from Tennessee described here probably won’t see much praise for his conservation efforts. The fact that the other former US Senator from Tennessee — the one who produced a fantasy disguised as a documentary — is the wasteful one, while the conservative is the real conservationist, is a ready-made attention-getting news story that will probably never get past the center-right blogosphere.

UPDATE 2: Yawn. First, their response is directed to the guy doing the linking and not to the original report (doh). Second, it’s hard to see how purchasing carbon offsets absolves you from the “sin” of generating carbon that, according to enviro dogma, mostly shouldn’t have been generated in the first place. Zheesh. UPDATE 2A: Captain Ed agrees with my second point (via Anchoress) — “If Gore and his family continue to increase their consumption of commercial energy with all of the resources they have at hand, then they have no business lecturing the rest of us on conservation and down-scaling our own use.”

UPDATE 3: It’s amazing how many of these stories end up having an obvious media-bias angle — the person the moonbats like to call a “Climate Terrorist” (that would be President George W. Bush) runs a “Texas White House” that is extremely eco-friendly (HTs to Anchoress and Kim at Wizbang), especially compared to the Goremeister’s abode, and (natch) that “inconvenient truth” is being ignored.

UPDATE 4: Bryan at Hot Air — “…. these ‘carbon offsets’ are nothing but a farce. These carbon offsets’ are nothing more than indulgences in the Church of Liberalism.”


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