March 2, 2007

From the ‘Can’t Make This Stuff Up’ Department

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George Soros (actually George Soros’s fund, Soros Fund Management LLC) bought $62 million worth of Halliburton stock in the fourth quarter of 2006.

No, really (American Thinker used as primary link because original was inaccessible at post time).


UPDATE: Here’s the original blog link, and a link to the original Reuters story.

UPDATE 2: A reminder (first item at link) that Michael Moore “hearted” (and perhaps still does) Halliburton.


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  1. [...] Lest we think the profiteers of globalism are exclusively Republican, or even wingnut Republicans. Capitalist greed is, in fact, capitalist greed – and it is universal among the two leading parties of our country. I’m not as surprised as Bizzy. The news that George Soros bought a bunch of Halliburton stock doesn’t really shock me. [...]

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