March 5, 2007

Here’s How One Guy Installed Windows ‘Vissssta’ (Other Items: DOT Ban, Free OS Folks Jump In)

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As tempted as you might be, do not try this (HT Pajamas Media) at home. It looks a little dangerous for your fingers, and I think the guy overstated his post-installation results.



Microsoft Hit By U.S. DOT Ban On Windows Vista, Explorer 7, and Office 2007

Tens of thousands of federal workers are prohibited from upgrading to the latest versions, according to memos seen by InformationWeek.

NOT UNRELATED 2 (bold in text is mine):

Free Software Foundation Urges Computer Makers To Replace Windows Vista With Free OS

The FSF sent five proposals to Sun Microsystems, HP, and Dell in January that would aid in the spread of free operating systems.

The Free Software Foundation, taking advantage of what it says is the rejection of Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, is urging major computer hardware manufacturers to offer consumers computers without any operating system or with a free GNU/Linux OS.

“We see Microsoft Vista as being a failure,” said Peter Brown, FSF executive director, in an interview Friday. “People aren’t buying new hardware because of Vista.”

That last bolded sentence represents potential trouble for the economy, possibly affecting thousands of people slotted for Vista-based development and consulting work. Thanks, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.


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