March 7, 2007

Vista and Broadband Incompatibilities?

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This comes from the BBC about a week, so I don’t know whether it’s limited to the UK, or whether the problem has been solved. But if it is the case in the US, it looks serious enough to cause those wanting Vista to hold off for a bit:

Last Updated: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 12:52 GMT
Net firms tackle Vista headache

Windows Vista is causing problems for some new PC owners hooking up their machine to a broadband connection.

Some old installation discs that simplify the task of configuring a PC for broadband have refused to work on machines loaded with Vista.

One reader was warned by Virgin Media that it would be “weeks” before its software worked with Vista.

Other net service firms have also admitted that the appearance of Vista has caused some hiccups for users.


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