March 12, 2007

Couldn’t Help But Notice (031207)

The news about Al Gore the energy hog is big stuff of course, but what is in many ways bigger is the fact that the insufferably liberal Nashville Tennessean had the story for at least a month before the Academy Awardsand sat on it (HT Bob Krumm). This excuse for why the paper didn’t run with the information they had requested and received is one of the all-time howlers:

Tennessean editor Mark Silverman says the paper did indeed make the public information request back in January, after Gore’s global warming film was nominated for an Academy Award on Jan. 23. He says the explanation for why the paper didn’t use the information until after the Oscars has nothing to do with a pro-Gore agenda.

“It’s very simple. We had other stuff. We got occupied by other stories,” he says. “We requested the information right after he was nominated for the Oscars…. It got put on the back burner simply because people were working on other stories. At that point, from a news peg standpoint, it seemed like the next logical news peg was he won or did not win an Oscar.”

The Tennessean reporter involved filed her story just after the awards, but the paper got scooped by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. You’ll have to forgive me for believing that the folks at the Tennessean aren’t losing sleep over it, despite the potential hits (and ad revenue) lost.

Ed Driscoll and Mark Steyn also have something to say about this “inconvenient” prioritization of news stories.


Gas rationingin Iran (HT Hot Air).

I know, I know, consider the source: But the contention that Scott “Burger King” Ritter is making in the Alternet Universe is too enticing to ignore –

Hillary Clinton knew years before she voted for the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein didn’t have WMDs — Bill Clinton lied about Iraq’s weapons programs to justify attacking the country in 1998.

Pinch me. In historical context, Scotty is saying somthing about that supposedly “ridiculous” “Wag the Dog” contention made by many that the 1998 Iraq bombings were deliberately contrived by then-President Bill “My Fulltime Effort At Legacy Rehabilitation Is Starting to Work” Clinton to distract from goings-on that related to his ultimate impeachment. Scotty is saying that critics were right from the very start.

Now I personally don’t believe Scott Ritter any time his lips are moving (though the jury is still out on the “Wag the Dog” thing). But moonbats who do should be calling for retro-impeachment of the guy who abused his pardon privilege, lied under oath, and now, according to Ritter, “lied about WMD” in 1998.

Back in the real world, there were WMDs found (puncturing the “NO WMD” claim). In fact, the “no WMD” claim is the first myth, uh, exploded here.


Which country’s government is this? It wants legislation (HT Slashdot via Instapundit) for “a far-reaching wiretapping programme,” but has actually been spying on its citizens for decades. So guess before clicking — Which country?


So pre-dic-ta-ble — Ex-Congressman and SarBox co-author Michael Oxley has a new gig (HT Sox First; bolds are mine):

Oxley yesterday said he starts next week at politically-connected Washington law firm Baker Hostetter to help “companies and investors comprehend the changing landscape of corporate compliance.”

He’ll also run a white-collar crime defense team to defend against the law’s violations.

Oxley, a former FBI man before joining Congress, earned $165,000 annually on Capitol Hill. At the law firm he stands to earn in excess of $10 million a year, legal sources said.

Oxley’s co-authorship of SarBox turns out to have been the ultimate self-help project.



  1. I am surprised to see an NYT article running Tuesday questioning some of Gore’s claims.

    Comment by Ben Keeler — March 13, 2007 @ 12:16 am

  2. #1, I just tipped to that by someone else. Wow.

    Comment by TBlumer — March 13, 2007 @ 2:10 am

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