March 29, 2007

Positivity: Seniors Donate Class Trip Cash To Beloved Teacher’s Trip (Follow-up: Resort Gives Seniors Free Class Trip)

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From Lisbon, NH (HT Lincoln Logs):

Tuesday March 20, 2007

LISBON, N.H. — What goes around comes around. That’s a saying members of the Lisbon Regional School Class of 2007 discovered this week.

The students, 38 in all, donated money that was supposed to pay for their senior class trip to a beloved teacher, Emory Younkins, who is ill with multiple sclerosis, for his long-dreamed-of vacation to France.

When officials at the nearby Mount Washington Resort at Bretton Woods learned of the good deed by the Lisbon seniors, they thought a second round of generosity was in order, and the entire senior class has been given free lift tickets and ski rentals to use this Thursday at the mountain.

“Aren’t the seniors a good bunch?” guidance counselor Mary Coleman of Lisbon Regional School said.

She called to the resort to see if she could get a discount for the students, and when the resort got back to her, she was told the kids would be getting “a miniature senior trip,” on Thursday, including a free bus ride from Wally Berry, who owns Berry Transportation.

“I almost fell over,” Coleman said. “Once I told [the students], it kind of spread pretty quickly.”

Greg Bennett, a senior at the school, is one of the students who suggested the seniors give their trip money to Younkins.

“He was talking about Istanbul one day in class and he said it would be great to see some of these places,” Bennett said.

He talked to a friend, Rob Mackenzie, about maybe sending their teacher on a trip somewhere.

“We talked to one of the other teachers in the building,” Bennett said. “To find out where he’d really want to go, we talked to his daughter Katie and she found out that France is the place he’d really want to go to. It was all in secret, and Katie got worried that maybe the word would get out. It was a unanimous vote to send him to France.”

Younkins will travel to France with a relative, students said.

“Our class has had him for seven years now, most of us have had him every year during that seven years,” Bennett said. “He suffers from MS and we wanted to send him before his health got to the point where he couldn’t travel anymore. He gets tired really easily. It feels good to do this for him. We can’t really match what he’s given us.” …..


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