March 31, 2007

Positivity: Pair Nabs Cuffed Man

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From Chillicothe, OH:

A man served a warrant at Chillicothe Municipal Court failed in his escape Thursday afternoon when bystanders banded together and successfully caught him.

Peter Ziskowski, 23, of Cincinnati, said he and his friends were at Gourmet Grounds, 23 S. Paint St., when they saw Robert Wright, 37, of 188 Sycamore St., run out of the Ross County Courthouse with handcuffs on.

“It was kind of crazy,” he said. “There was an officer chasing him and he slipped and fell. Before he got up, (Wright) was already at the corner of Main and Paint.”

Ziskowski said that was the point when he took off running, cutting Wright off about two blocks up Main Street.
Justin Lynch, 17, of Chillicothe, was on Ziskowski’s heels during the pursuit. He said he also saw the officer fall.

“As soon as I saw him, we both started running at the exact same time,” he said.

Ziskowski said a driver also offered assistance.

“There was a guy in a pickup truck turning into the alley. When he saw me running, he backed up to stop him,” he said, adding he pinned Wright between himself and Lynch and the truck.

Lynch said he was glad he helped.

“It was a pretty interesting day. It was pretty exciting,” he said. “It’s not an everyday thing.”

Law enforcement arrived a few minutes later at about 1:47 p.m.and transported the man to the Ross County Jail.

According to Chillicothe Police Chief Jeff Keener, Wright was at the court for a pre-trial. When officials detained him on the warrant – which was for falsification – he ran from them.


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