April 14, 2007

They Get Even the Easiest Details Wrong

Zheesh (spelling errors corrected):

Actually, despite the reporting I’ve heard from CNN, BBC and NPR, which keeps up the ominous drone of doom about the terrorists breaching the Parliament building in “the heart of the heavily fortified Green Zone,” the FACT is the Parliament building is NOT IN the Green Zone. We turned it over to the Iraqis in 2006. And when it was, it was at the outer NW edge of the Green or International Zone.

Penn & Teller: Gun Control is BS

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Watch it while it’s up, which I suspect won’t be long (Warning — contains strong R language; HT Instapundit via “Arms & the Law“).

They even get to the “we wouldn’t be a free country today if it weren’t for guns” and “you may need to protect yourself from your own government” arguments.

Other points:

  • The Brady Bill has largely failed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
  • What would happen to male-on-female crime if it were well-known that at least half of all females are armed?
  • Gang members like gun control laws (there are 20,000 of them) because they know that they restrict citizens and make them (the citizens) vulnerable.
  • Accidental deaths of juveniles are a very tiny percentage of all gun deaths.
  • Columbine could not have been prevented by more gun control laws.

The most important point — The Founders in the Second Amendment made the right of the People to keep and bear arms a right that the Militia could never take away. Grasp this, because it’s a total turnaround of the PC logic ordinarily used — the Amendment’s language shows that the Founders recognized the need for militias, but also that those same militias could be a threat to ordinary people, who thus need to be armed. In other words, because the militias have weapons, ordinary people need them too.

When the full vid disappears you can still go to the episode’s link at Showtime for an overview.

Positivity: Malaysian man saves 100 from sinkhole

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From Kuala Lumpur (HT HappyNews.com):

Updated: 4/7/2007

A man in eastern Malaysia saved about 100 people from being swallowed by a sinkhole when he felt the earth move while walking to an open-air toilet in the dark, a news report said Saturday.

Renjis Empati immediately ran back to the village where he screamed to alert the others living in a traditional indigenous ”longhouse” in Sarawak state on Borneo island, the New Straits Times said.

”I could feel the earth trembling, and I saw the longhouse collapse into the sinkhole,” the paper quoted Renjis as saying.

The incident happened just after midnight Friday, the paper said.

”If not for him, most of us would be dead by now,” villager Lada Rentap said, according to the Times. Several said they lost all their possessions, including ancestral items passed down to them.

A number of indigenous tribes in Sarawak state live in ”longhouses,” where an entire community lives under a single structure.