April 16, 2007

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BizzyBlog isn’t against advertisers with contrary opinions expressed civilly. Hence the new Blogad, appropriately found in the *left* adstrip. Go to its link. If you have any reax to share, feel free to comment.

Don Surber, as you might expect, has a strong opinion.

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why Fred Singer, as noted here in mid-March, is wrong. If Singer’s right, there isn’t even a need to worry about “National Security and Climate Change.”

Couldn’t Help But Notice (041607)

Sanctuary, SchmanctuaryThis (HT Michelle Malkin via Right on the Right) is long overdue, and in a sane world be a slam dunk in court. But I’d give it a 50-50 shot at best.


Zombietime notes, and shows (HT again to Michelle “She’s Everywhere” Malkin), that far-left and far-right anti-Semitism “have become indistinguishable.” But only one side’s anti-Semitism gets any press.


E-Mailer Larwyn found an American Thinker post that covered something noted here a month ago, namely US patent applications for tax-avoidance strategies. AT poster Jerome Schmitt says it makes the case for tax simplification. I say it’s one of a zillion or so reasons to go to the Fair Tax.


This (HT Democracy Project via “He’s Everywhere” Larwyn) explains a lot — An ad for an AP Intelligence reporter to “cover intelligence issues from the nation’s capital” indicates that “previous experience covering intelligence is a plus,” but not a requirement.


Words fail — “Tuesday is Tax Day, when millions of illegal immigrants find themselves collaborating with one federal agency — the Internal Revenue Service — while trying to avoid another — Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”


Fred Thompson Gets ItOn income taxes and growth.


Quick cute quote from Boring Made Dull — “When the state AG uses phrases like ‘innocent’ and ‘tragic rush to accuse’ you haven’t jumped the shark, you’ve been swallowed by it.”

I Wonder Who AFP Likes in the French Election Next Sunday?

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Actually, you don’t have to wonder at all — You just have to read two supposedly “objective” news stories from April 12 to see where Agence France-Presse (AFP) stands.

Here is one on immigration:

France shows harsh face to some immigrants

PARIS, April 12, 2007 (AFP) – France shows a harsh, intolerant face to the thousands of illegal immigrants it deports every year under tough new policies adopted by Nicolas Sarkozy, the man tipped to become the nation’s next president.

And then there’s inevitable “right-wing crazy man” angle (again, in an “objective” report):

Sarkozy’s personality under attack in campaign

PARIS, April 12, 2007 (AFP) – Quick-tempered, arrogant, divisive, even dangerous: French presidential front-runner Nicolas Sarkozy is facing mounting attacks on his personality as he heads into the first round of voting in just over a week.

Sarkozy’s rivals in the April 22 race have zeroed in on what is widely seen as the right-wing candidate’s Achilles heel: his inability to shed the tough-guy reputation earned during his days as interior minister.

A new tell-all book went on sale in stores this week by former minister Azouz Begag, who recounts that Sarkozy threatened to “smash” his face in after the minister criticised his handling of the suburban riots in late 2005.

….. Socialist candidate Segolene Royal and centrist Francois Bayrou point to Sarkozy’s status as persona non grata in the suburbs to chip away at his credibility, saying France needs a president who will be a unifying force.

….. After sparring with Sarkozy over rioting in a Paris train station last month, Royal complained that the candidate had “lost his cool” and suggested that this was conduct unbecoming a future president.

Sarkozy has often been lampooned as a hothead, notably in the television programme “Les Guignols,” the French version of the British Spitting Image satire.

Sarkozy, the believed-to-be front-runner in Sunday’s 12-person race, is the head of the center-right Union for a Popular Movement party. Socialist Segolene Royal is his strongest opponent.

AFP has clearly shown that it has no need for separate commentary and op-ed writers.

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The AP’s Monthly Mantra: Bad Economy Coming

Here’s the latest in a long line of Associated Press reports (“Retail Sales for March Rosy, Even as Outlook Cloudy”) whose message is: “Today’s news is good, but tomorrow’s probably won’t be, so don’t you DARE feel good about the economy.”

It seems like a negative version of the “Free Beer Tomorrow” signs you see in some bars. The AP should just headline all their reports “Bad Economy Coming Next Month — Trust Us.”


UPDATE, 9:20 AM: The AP report linked above was done ahead of the actual release of results. Here’s their missive today on the Commerce Department’s report. The “trouble is just around the bend” song is the same.

Child Exploitation Update — Is It OK to Call Them ‘Terorrists’ Yet?

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Three weeks ago, there was a story of children used in a suicide attack in Iraq.

It doesn’t seem possible, but the story has gotten worse, and is part of a bigger, uglier situation:

“Those children were later identified to have had mental problems and for sure they didn’t know what they were doing there,” Sami added (Khalid Sami is a spokesman for the Iraq Ministry of Interior. — Ed.).

Officials at a local NGO, who refused to be named for security reasons, said they had received many reports that mentally handicapped children were being used in insurgent attacks, especially in cities such as Diyala, Ramadi and Fallujah.

“Some children were given by their families but many others were kidnapped by insurgents when they knew that those children had mental problems. Some of them were even taken from the doors of their houses or schools,” the NGO’s spokesperson said. “We have registered many cases of the disappearance of children with mental problems. According to information we got from Anbar province, those children are working with insurgents.”

As noted a few weeks ago, and moreso true now, clean commentary is impossible.

Positivity: Former Miss Canada shaves head for charity

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From Alberta (HT Good News Blog):

UPDATED: 2007-03-30 17:35:23 MST

So what could possibly convince a former Miss Canada to forgo 52-plus centimetres of flowing dark hair for a shaved dome?

The answer is a good cause, at least for 1992 Miss Canada pageant winner Nicole Dunsdon, who got a buzz from charity today after going under the shears to raise funds for the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta.

“I’m normally kind of a short bob-sort of girl anyway,” laughed Dunsdon, 36, one of 16 people who shed their locks on behalf of the KCCFA at Elbow Park School.

The school, located at 721 38 Ave. S.W., raised a grand total of $44,000 for the cause, with 12 students and four parents also sidling up to the barber’s chair.

KCCFA event coordinator Sara Foster said the money will help the foundation send families to camps and assist in research efforts dedicated to tackling childhood cancer.

“This amount of money will do absolute wonders for the kids, and also for their siblings and their parents,” she said.

For Dunsdon, the cause has a personal ring to it, considering she was mistakenly diagnosed with a potentially cancerous tumour as a child.

“I don’t think anyone spends time thinking about a potential battle with cancer and is left unchanged by it,” she said.

Dunsdon’s resolve to battle cancer was only resolved by the time she turned 12, when she watched her grandmother lose her hair, her breast, and ultimately her life, to the disease.

“Rather than asking a hair donor, ‘Why would you?’, the question really is ‘Why wouldn’t you?’” said Dunsdon, whose head shaving raised $10,000 for the KCCFA.