April 19, 2007

Ho Hum Hiring News, Collegiate Division (041907)

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Had to wait a week to get this “Worst Economy Since Hoover” story in, but it can’t be ignored, because it’s a biggie (HT Wizbang), and it seemed to get very little attention:

College grad job outlook, pay stronger this year
Updated: 6:37 p.m. ET April 10, 2007
More than a million college seniors are preparing to enter the real world this spring — and their prospects are remarkably good.

The number of new college graduates hired by U.S. companies will be 17.4 percent larger this year than a year ago, says a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a human-resources organization.

“The outlook this year is very good,” says Andrea Koncz, NACE’s employment information manager. “In 2002 and ’03, we saw declines in hiring because of 9/11 and the economy. But in ’04, hiring turned upward, and it’s been growing ever since.”

Note that though the link is at MSNBC, the underlying story comes from a weekly business newspaper, and that the Formerly Mainstream Media did very little with this story. This Google News search result confirms the relatively light coverage.
Now what happened in the middle of 2003 that might (just might) have led to the turnaround in college hiring? If you said “the economy-stimulating tax cuts of 2003,” go to the head of the class.

It should also be noted that the article tells grads that their best prospects are generally in Western (read: low-tax Red) states.

Recent Immigrants to USA: Assimilate, Aschmimilate

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This column from Joe Guzzardi should throw cold water on the “today’s immigrants are just like previous immigrants” argument:

Given what I have seen on the front line since 1986 (coincidentally, the year of the Reagan amnesty), I can say without hesitation that any amnesty, guest worker program, “Z-visas” or so-called “path to citizenship” scheme could well doom the United States.

However the bureaucrats may phrase their language, clever thinkers—the aliens themselves or their immigration lawyers—will always be able to work around it.

With the rare exception, most immigrants who have gone to my classes (English as Second Language, in Lodi, CA — Ed.) have shown little interest in becoming American citizens.

A significant percentage attended only because they were part of a federal or county program that mandated their presence.

From the very beginning, I noticed that immigrants were quick to look for ways around the system and use them to their own benefit.

….. But as it turned out, and as I learned painfully over the years, even in the non-English speaking neighborhood where the school is located, immigrants are unwilling to walk across the street to participate in free classes.

The same is true of classes in other areas of town. At satellite campuses in other sections of Lodi and north Stockton, no one cares much about learning what it means to be an American.

But nothing seems to penetrate the preconceived delusions of the open-borders crowd, whether it’s the business-at-all-costs Wall Street Journal or the far-lefties who despise this country anyway (and who in many cases see unfettered illegal immigration as a great way to undermine it).

So the prediction is that Guzzardi’s warning, like the others, will be ignored.

An Ebay Observation

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Having just gone through a couple of auctions, I’m stunned that many of the “questions” about what I was selling were, in essence, spam, sent from within Ebay, where other members were promoting their own web sites selling mostly unrelated items — 7 out of 10, at last count.

I would hope that Ebay disciplines members who are wasting sellers’ time by doing that. Though I notified the company as to what was going on (receiving only a canned response in reply), my experience would seem to indicate that they aren’t.

Column Title and Sentence of the Day: Jennifer Roback Morse

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At Townhall.com a few days ago:

The Pro-life Movement is the New Women’s Movement.

Positivity: Boy, family grateful to crossing guard who saved his life

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From Wauwatosa, Wisconsin:

Monday, April 9, 2007 11:02:02 AM CST

After enduring surgeries in the last week for six broken ribs and a broken leg, Nancy Remkus remains wracked with pain.

But when 10-year-old William Wilsey struggled into her hospital room this weekend, the 50-year-old crossing guard mustered the strength to smile.

“I don’t know if I’m his hero,” she said. “I’m grateful he’s alive.”

Remkus was supervising Wilsey across the street on April 2 when a truck barreled through the intersection in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis. Instantly Remkus threw herself between Wilsey and the vehicle.

“I don’t remember exactly what happened in the intersection,” she said. “I pushed him. It happened so quickly.”

Wilsey suffered numerous bumps as well as a bruised leg that left him on crutches. On Saturday he and his family visited Remkus at Froedtert Hospital to express their gratitude.

“I just hope you’re OK,” Wilsey told her from a hospital wheelchair.

“I’m OK, I’m fine,” she struggled to reply.

Wilsey’s parents also expressed their thanks and delivered balloons, cards from kids at Wilsey’s school and a giant thank-you note from his extended family…..