April 25, 2007

Do Steve Jobs and Al Gore Think They’re Above the Law? (And Are They Right?)

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Kevin at Pundit Review has a tremendous, must-read post on this, which heated up in a major way yesterday when former Apple CFO Fred Anderson released a statement blaming Apple CEO Steve Jobs for 2001 stock options backdating.

Since Al Gore is on Apple’s board, and because Gore led an internal investigation of Apple’s stock options practices and history that did NOT criticize Jobs, Kevin asks:

Did Al Gore help cover up for a corporate fat cat who was ripping off shareholders? Was he part of the problem in corporate board rooms? How does this square with his boilerplate speech about shameless corporate corruption? Or his role as Chairmen of Generation Investment Management, a company that is “Dedicated to thought leadership on sustainability and capital markets”?

My chad isn’t hanging, I vote YES.

It may be that Jobs will skate, and that the SEC won’t have the stomach for a protracted legal battle against a tech legend. Gore probably isn’t vulnerable to any legal sanctions, but the Apple situation surely will surely should come up early and often if he decides to enter the presidential sweepstakes.


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  1. I thought SarbOx fixed all this…

    Comment by dave — April 25, 2007 @ 7:19 am

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