May 14, 2007

Surprise (Not): Look Who’s Suppressing Free Speech and Expression

Instapundit has made six (at last count) valid, related, and satirical points in just four days about who’s really responsible for recent efforts to suppress free speech and free expression (external links he had elsewhere in his posts were added by me within his quotes):

(Point 1) “You know, people told me that if George W. Bush were reelected we’d see professors fired over trumped up charges of ideological nonconformity. And it looks like they were right!”

(Point 2) “They told me that if George W. Bush were reelected we’d see Americans punished for expressing their ideas. I guess they were right!”

(Point 3 – a BHOO bonus) “They told me that if George W. Bush was reelected we’d see objectionable paintings taken down. And they were right!”

(Point 4) – “They told me that if George W. Bush were reelected our universities would be run by theocrats who wouldn’t brook criticism of religion. And they were right!”

(Point 5) – “It seems to me that more people are trying to silence bloggers all of a sudden. Well, they told me that if George W. Bush were reelected, people who criticized the powerful would suffer. And they were right!”

(Point 6) – “They told me that if George W. Bush were reelected, people who dared criticize the government would find themselves roughly silenced. And they were right!”

Of course, Old Media and the ACLU are, for all practical purposes, AWOL on all of these.


UPDATE: Yet more relating to Point 2, as reported by Captain Ed — The student involved was suspended and required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he can return to school. His offense? Sending out e-mails protesting his college’s gun-free zone policy and “diversity” initiatives. I, kid, you, not.

UPDATE 2:Shut Yo Moufindeed.

UPDATE 3: No chronicling of attempts at suppressing free speech and expression would be complete without taking note, as John Fund has, of the restrictions Congress is attempting to place on grass-roots (read: predominantly, but not entirely, conservative) “lobbying” — while essentially leaving the professional lobbyists alone (earning yet another “and they were right” from Instapundit).

UPDATE 4: The American Spectator’s Prowler is noting today that Congressional Democrats are intent on reinstating the hopelessly misnamed “Fairness Doctrine.” The theory is that they’re only going after Talk Radio. Don’t bet the ranch on it; they’d like nothing better than to silence Internet critics by forcing them to provide “equal time.”


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