May 17, 2007

¿descanse en la paz, los Estados Unidos?

es posible (HT palabrería y Michelle Malkin).

Couldn’t Help But Notice (051707)

This is REALLY weak — about ten days 2-1/2 weeks after the Food Stamp follies of Oregon’s governor were exposed — first by Mona Charen, then then by BizzyBlog (in more detail), a number of Congresspersons pulled the same bogus publicity stunt (HT Matt at NewsBusters in an e-mail). This time a writer from that supposed top-tier newspaper known as The Washington Post fell for it.

The claim that Food Stamp recipients have to get by on $21 per person per week is demonstrably false. The $21, which is supposed to be “the amount the average food stamp recipient receives in federal assistance,” comes AFTER taking into account available resources, some of which are assumed to be used for food. So the idea that recipients are only spending $21 per person per week on food is simply not correct.


Mugged by reality by almost getting mugged.


Following up on this money-saving tip from a couple of years ago, a federal survey tells us that “More than a quarter of young adults have only cell phones, making them the leading edge of a strengthening move away from traditional landline telephones….”

Telcos trying to peddle DSL face a problem not mentioned in the article. I believe that most of them still require a landline phone to put in their DSL service, something the cablecos don’t need to worry about.


Peter Bronson of the Cincinnati Enquirer must be one of the loneliest reporters on the face of the earth.

He breaks the story (“Planned Parenthood looked the other way, Mason rape victim says”) about a Mason, Ohio girl, who can’t have lived more than 5 miles from the BizzyBlog bunker. The girl is suing Planned Parenthood because the organization didn’t report her father’s abuse of her to the police when she was taken in to get an abortion even though she says she clearly reported it to them. Many have believed that this case provides smoking-gun proof that, despite denials, Planned Parenthood has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when minors come in for an abortion.

Meanwhile, Bronson’s newspaper gives puff coverage to Planned Parenthood’s new local chapter executives under “Good Things Happening.”

Related: Planned Parenthood was caught on tape as all too willing to aid and abet statutory rape (link is to a PDF; HT Michelle Malkin, who also caught the Mason, OH situation in an update).

Planned Parenthood’s response, of course, was to legally threaten the student and attempt to suppress the tape. That attempt has been at least partially successful; a link I went to yesterday did not have a working vid. Later, I found it here –scroll down about 1/3 of the way for the link to the vid.

Update: Hot Air notes the lack of Old Media coverage of these stories.


From the “I’m Not Really Reading This, Am I?” Dept.The New London Day in Connecticut (link requires registration, and a paid subscription after 7 days) reported the following on May 12 (HT New London Calling) on the planned speed of progress in the area that was the subject of the infamous Kelo ruling and its contentious aftermath:

(New London Development Corporation CEO Michael) Joplin says it will probably be five years, or more, before visitors step foot in the museum. Real progress, he says, comes slowly.

While everyone is anxious for construction on the Fort Trumbull peninsula, Mr. Joplin says the master development plan for the site has always been a 30-year-project.

Someone needs to do a Lexis Nexis or other search and find evidence that Mr. Joplin or anyone else associated with the Fort Trumbull development said before last week that they were on 30-year plan; New London Calling doesn’t.

I’m assuming that would mean that there is little urgency to tear Susette Kelo’s house down if she doesn’t meet the June 15 deadline to move it.


Demonstrating knowledge of their faith equal to or less than that of what they know of their Constitution:

Eighteen pro-abortion members of Congress lashed out on Monday in a letter opposing remarks Pope Benedict XVI made about pro-abortion Catholic politicians. The Catholic Church leader told reporters last week that any Catholic elected official who supports abortion has automatically excommunicated themselves.

I guess it’s not too big a leap, after spending years pretending to know more than the Founders about what the Constitution really says and means, to say that you know more than the Pope about Church doctrine.

They Aren’t God, But They Play Him on the Internet

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  • Fred Phelps: “Falwell is in Hell, Praise God!!” (currently at the home page of; you can copy-paste the link if you really want to see it)
  • Plunderbund: “Satan Came to Collect His Due”
  • Oliver Willis: “Jerry Falwell Dead: Hell, serving one…. May he rot.”

Nice company, Eric (blogmeister) and Brian (post author).

Comments are off on this post for what should be pretty obvious reasons, given what’s been posted elsewhere on Falwell since he died, of which the above is unfortunately only a small sample.


UPDATE. 11:15 a.m.: Detailed the reference to Plunderbund proprietor and post author above.

Today’s ‘Read the Whole Thingers’ (051707)

Don Luskin on the AARP and its non-stop advocacy of ever-higher taxes, from National Review Online last Friday:

If you’re of a certain age, you probably carry in your wallet the little red-and-white card of the AARP — the association for older Americans. You pay twelve and a half dollars a year for that card, and it gets you discounts on insurance, movies, and travel. It also funds political lobbying aimed at increasing taxes, expanding the size and scope of government, increasing government spending, and fighting entitlement reform.

That’s right. If you think the AARP is about saving some gray heads a couple bucks at the movies, you’re sorely mistaken.

….. I’ve torn up my AARP card. I’ve decided that the twelve and a half bucks I was paying to the AARP was getting me the most expensive discounts in history. Why save a couple bucks on a movie if I have to pay that back thousands of times over in higher taxes?


This one will have to be a lunch-timer, but it’s also a should-not-miss — Christina Hoff Summers, in a cover essay (HT Instapundit) in the Weekly Standard (“The Subjection of Islamic Women, and the Fecklessness of American Feminism”).

It’s hard to pick a couple of favorite paragraphs, but this one gives a quick idea of how out-of-whack the rad-fem agenda is:

(Nation columnist Katha) Pollitt casually places “limiting young people’s access to accurate information about sex” and opposing abortion on the same plane as throwing acid in women’s faces and stoning them to death. Her hostility to the United States renders her incapable of distinguishing between private American groups that stigmatize gays and foreign governments that hang them. She has embraced a feminist philosophy that collapses moral categories in ways that defy logic, common sense, and basic decency.


Walter Williams, at his usual level of succinctness in the middle of a multi-topic column:

In the interest of truth in packaging, I think we should rename “gun-free zones” to “defenseless zones.”

Positivity: Football hero leaps to aiding cancer survivors

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From Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Updated: 7:00 p.m. ET May 11, 2007

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Kym Lindau is a breast cancer survivor who finds comfort in simple pleasures. Leroy Butler is a Super Bowl champion best known for the Lambeau Leap.

So what would bring these two together?

“I love waking up every morning and saying I can make a difference,” Butler says. He’s making that difference off the field with the Leroy Butler Foundation for Breast Cancer.
During his 12 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Leroy Butler delighted and inspired hundreds of thousands of fans — for home games, nearly 73,000 would fill the seats at Lambeau Field. But it was one female fan, wearing not the Packers green and gold, but pink, who ultimately inspired Butler.

“I saw this young lady with a pink ribbon on her jersey and I said ‘what’s that ribbon about?’ and she said, ‘Well, it’s about breast cancer,’” Butler says.

It was something Butler knew little about, but it soon became his call to action.

Go here for the rest of the story.