June 11, 2007

Snorter of the Year

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No comment needed — A TV exec reacts to an upcoming Fox reality series about a model-turned-TV journalist:

“One of the last sacred grounds of integrity in local television is the local newsroom, so I guess I would say I’m disappointed to see a station, much less one in our own community, that has evidently sold its integrity,” said Brad Streit, vp and GM for KLTV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Tyler.

If True, This Crosses the Line Jumps Over the Line with Both Feet

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If this allegation by Newt Gingrich is true, whoever is involved needs to be thrown out of office, yesterday.

Gingrich, at Human Events Online, warns readers that “The Immigration Conflagration Is Not Yet Extinguished.” Further, he levels one of the most serious charges, if not THE most serious, I have seen leveled at an administration in my lifetime:

A number of powerful figures in the Bush Administration and in the Senate have been saying that if we do not agree to pass this destructive bill, they will never enforce the law.

Wow. Not that they can’t; they won’t — ever.

We apparently have executive branchers telling our representatives that they will not carry out their constitutionally assigned executive-branch duties if they don’t get their way.

The President and the White House need to disavow this outrageous threat and throw those making it out on their ears.

If this is going on with the President’s endorsement, he should resign. Period.


UPDATE: I therefore propose an additional category in Hot Air’s Open Borders Oscar Awards — Most Intimidating Statement Made by an Administration Representative or Lawmaker.

UPDATE 2: Hot Air has a related Gingrich vid.

Shamnesty: Read This

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Michelle Malkin (who else?) — “How Congress gives special relief to convicted murderers, smugglers, and other alien law-breakers”

Someone really needs to follow the money trails on these.

Michelle’s bottom line is dead-on:

These are the people who are asking you to trust them with the shamnesty proposal’s promise that they will get tough with criminal aliens and deport law-breakers who violate the fantasy rules and regulations of Bush-Kennedy’s massive new guest worker programs.

Fat. Chance.

Couldn’t Help But Notice (061107)

With gas prices where they are, this was, as noted 10 days ago (fourth item at link), bound to happen:

Consumer confidence tumbled to a 10-month low as gyrating gasoline prices and persisting problems in the housing market gnawed at people’s sense of economic well-being.


Quiet riot? How about quiet genocide? From Life News, in an article about Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s prolife niece, and her objections to the aggressively proabortion position of BHOO (Barack Hussein Obambi Obama):

About 37 percent of abortions are performed on African-American women, though they make up only 12 percent of the population.

The abortion rate of black women is three times higher than that of white women and 60% of African-American women who become pregnant will have an abortion. More than 14 million abortions have been done on black women and abortion businesses are frequently located in minority communities.


Aussie Austerity? No way — try “Aussie Prosperity” (HT NixGuy):

Jobless rate is the lowest since November 1974
People in work or looking is at a historial high
Employment growth has exceeded forecasts

THE unemployment (rate) dropped to a fresh three-decade low in May of 4.2 per cent, increasing the possibility of higher interest rates later this year, possibly before any federal election.

The jobless rate is the lowest since November 1974, and fell from 4.4 per cent in April, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed today.

Yesterday’s unexpectedly strong March quarter gross domestic product reading, which saw economic growth at its fastest pace in over three years, sparked speculation of a possible interest rate rise this year, possibly before any federal election.

The tendency of business reporters towards “yeah, buts” appears to be an international phenomenon, as the article in question frets about interest rate hikes.

In the real world, as pointed out before, Howard has cut income taxes several times, and government revenues have continued to increase. In the US, especially as the budget may be only a year away from nominal balance, we should be talking about another tax cut, not massive tax increases.


William Jefferson, Democrat-Louisiana, and recent recipient of an “F” grade from the NRA, had to give up his guns (HT NewsBusters and American Thinker). No one in Old Media appears to have noted the irony.

Positivity: Passerby saves an 8-year-old boy

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From Toronto (HT Good News Blog):

‘I saw his helmet bobbing in the water’
A passerby tells the story of how she saved an 8-year-old boy from being swept down the Fraser River

May 29, 2007 at 4:25 AM EDT

Kim Imrie was enjoying a sunny afternoon of inline skating along a popular trail in Quesnel last week when she heard screams that shattered the quiet of the day.

Suddenly, she was confronted with two small, hysterical boys who told her that their eight-year-old brother had crashed his bike and fallen into the swollen Quesnel River at the Johnston Bridge Loop near the centre of town.

The 27-year-old teacher had moved to town just nine months earlier from Richmond and was still getting to know its beautiful surroundings, which are what brought her to the Riverfront Trail Park with her Australian shepherd dog Brody last Wednesday.

The boy fell in the Quesnel near the point where it meets the Fraser River, 660 kilometres north of Vancouver. Both rivers are currently flowing higher and faster than normal due to the record snow melting from the region’s mountains.

Ms. Imrie tied her dog to a park sign and raced with the boys to the river’s edge, where their mother stood.

“When we got to the river a woman was standing in the water but she said she couldn’t swim. At that point I didn’t know who she was but now I understand that it was his mom. She was pretty scared,” Ms. Imrie said.

The teacher could see the boy, who was afloat thanks to a red and white Styrofoam bike helmet, and made an instant decision to help him.

“It was pretty horrific. I saw his helmet bobbing in the water. I took off my rollerblades and then in I went,” she recalled. “I don’t know if I hesitated. I don’t think so.”

Ms. Imrie, who teaches Grade 4/5 at École Baker Elementary School in Quesnel, described herself as someone “who doesn’t swim a lot.” She said she earned her bronze medallion 11 years ago, but when the pressure hit she remembered what she had learned.

“I think at that point my training must have kicked in and I grabbed him in a way that I remember from my swimming lessons,” she said. “The river was freezing. I honestly don’t know how close we were to the Fraser, but I remember thinking that I didn’t want him to be carried out to where they meet because I didn’t think he’d have much of a chance. That is kind of horrible to think about.”

By the time Ms. Imrie jumped in the river, park supervisor Alec Darragh had arrived on the scene after hearing shouts from his office.

“When I first saw him, it was only his helmet that could be seen. Kim was about 10 feet behind him. I ran down the river to be where I could be of some assistance. By the time I got there, Kim had caught up to the boy, grabbed him and brought him to shore,” he said.

Go here for the rest of the story.