June 15, 2007

Either This Is a Misquote or Misstatement ….. (Also, NASDAQ at Six-Year High)

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….. or the illegal-immigration problem is a lot worse than I thought:

“What you’re getting is a contribution of hundreds of millions of lower-cost workers coming into our economy. It’s very positive for all economic activity,” (president and chief investment officer at Cabot Money Management Inc. Rob) Lutts said.

Though the article is about Friday’s US stock market performance, Lutts is awkwardly (thanks to how AP business reporter Tim Paradis wrote it up) referring to the world and not the US economy.

Either that or, with all the added output of all those workers, GDP growth is going to explode in the second quarter.

On a harder-news note, Paradis clearly wasn’t impressed when he wrote:

The Nasdaq composite index, still well off its record levels reached during the dot-com boom, rose 27.30, or 1.05 percent, to 2,626.71.

He should have been a bit more positive, but “forgot” to mention that Friday’s NASDAQ close was a six-year high (3rd para at link).

Couldn’t Help But Notice (061507)

It’s nice to be noticed by the Great One, Mark Levin, over at National Review, but next time I hope he links to a page on the blog and not a separate saved file, in this case The Wall Street Journal’s infamous 1984 “There Shall Be Open Borders” editorial.

Solution: Make separately saved linked files very, very rare — which is why the separately saved file isn’t linked. :–>


Speaking of The Wall Street Journal, this subscription-only editorial shows that the senselessness of those who want us to be effectively borderless appears to be boundless:

Americans tempted to clamp down on immigration ought to take a look at Germany. The closed-border policy there leaves businesses unable to fill important jobs and threatens to scupper the country’s economic recovery.

Although 3.8 million Germans are on the dole, the country’s recent growth spurt has left businesses unable to fill 600,000 vacancies, including many high-skilled jobs. Among them are 48,000 missing engineers, whose absence last year cost Germany about €3.5 billion ($4.6 billion) in lost annual output, according to the IW economic institute in Cologne. At the other end of the spectrum, Germans aren’t responding to want ads for 80,000 to 90,000 unskilled jobs.

Germany is the world’s largest exporter. Companies may soon find it too difficult to fill orders and risk losing market share. The solution is simple: Bring in labor from abroad.

Huh? The fact that the welfare state is too generous (which the Journal does point out) and employment laws too inflexible proves the need for immigration?

Besides, you ninnies, try as you might to throw the “nativist” label around, the opposition to the secret deal they’re trying to slip past us in in Washington is about ILLEGAL immigration, not immigration in general. Zheesh.

This is indeed “pathetic,” and is probably going to hurt Apple’s cred more than a little.


This little nugget about exactly how EA’s games are going to run on a Mac also makes you wonder if everybody’s got their head on straight in Cupertino.


I can’t be the only one getting real tired of the “You’re not watching Katie Couric, so you’re a sexist” garbage coming out of CBS as the network’s Evening News is stuck at 6 million viewers and badly trails ABC and NBC. Captain Ed responds:

It makes no sense, in any case. Plenty of women successfully anchor local news shows in big-market cities. They don’t appear to have problems with women reporting in any corner of the nation.

….. Moonves should stop spending so much time blaming his audience for their taste, and spend more time fixing his organization and the show.

To really fix the CBS show, and to put a stop to the slow and steady quarter-century slide in combined evening news viewership at all three networks that continues (at 21.14 million, almost as low as last year’s low-water mark, and we’re not even seriously into summertime yet) they’d all have to get rid of their borderline-BDS bias. Fat chance.


Another Day for George Voinovich, another $2 million in pork that the recipient wasn’t even that excited about:

The Dayton International Airport on Wednesday won a $2 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant aimed at protecting its runways from errant critters.

….. Irene Porter, a project manager for the Department of Transportation, said it’s not that the Dayton airport is particularly troubled with wildlife.

Look at the bright side — we now have evidence that Mr. Voinovich supports at least one fence that will keep interlopers out.

Update: A couple of commenters noted that the Irene Porter paragraph above has now been scrubbed. I really resent it when a publication does that. It was there; I saw it; I copied it.

While on the subject, I make edits after posting semi-frequently, but they are either language clarifications or additional text, and almost never (probably never, but I’m not absolutely sure) deletions. That, and true updates are segregated at the end of the post, even if they partially contradict what is in the original (which is labeled with a reference to the update in longer posts). It wouldn’t seem that difficult for a big-journo pub like the DD News to at least do the same….. would it?

Positivity: Hero Saves Two From Helicopter Blaze

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From South Africa (via Good News Blog):

An unidentified pilot is being hailed a hero after pulling two men from the burning wreck of a helicopter which crashed at the La Mercy airport site on Tuesday.

A flight training instructor and his pupil were taken to St Augustine’s Hospital after sustaining critical injuries.

The flames which engulfed the Robinson R22 helicopter resulted in a veld fire which damaged nearly a kilometre of vegetation and took firefighters more than three hours to extinguish. The Search and Rescue Unit’s Troy Allison said the incident occurred at about 3.30pm.

“There was a pilot and crew member on board the helicopter which crashed in a fairly open flat section of veld. After crashing, the helicopter caught alight and this, coupled with the heavy winds, resulted in a major veld fire,” he said.

“A second aircraft which was in the vicinity spotted the fire and landed nearby. He managed to get to the victims, who were trapped and removed them from the wreckage.”

Go to the Good News Blog for the rest of the story.