June 19, 2007

Ted Strickland’s CAIR Appearance, and Ohio’s Snoozing Press

JUNE 21 BREAKING: Strickland-CAIR Update: Reported Strickland Staffer Response


Ohio’s press must have been forced into rationing newsprint and bandwidth during the past couple of days.

I can’t otherwise explain how the Toledo Blade, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dayton Daily News (news; blogs), and especially the Columbus Dispatch, have thus far carried no coverage of this Ted Strickland appearance on Sunday (press release URL was later moved to this link by CAIR):

Monday, June 18, 2007

(COLUMBUS, OH, 6/18/2007) – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland spoke last night at the tenth annual banquet of the Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter in that state (CAIR-OH).

Governor Strickland addressed the crowd of 350 people, saying: “On behalf of all Ohioans, [my wife and I] appreciate your vision to promote justice and mutual understanding. We gather under CAIR-Ohio’s theme this year, ‘American Muslims: Connecting and Sharing,’ to do just that, to connect and share and get to know each other better.”

Governor Strickland also expressed appreciation for “the Muslim traditions of strong family, hard work, and education,” and presented a proclamation honoring CAIR-Ohio’s work.

CAIR Chairman Dr. Parvez Ahmed and several prominent imams also spoke at the event. Imams, local elected officials, and members of the interfaith community were among those in attendance.

For that matter, there’s not even anything in Google News.

All searches were done on “Strickland CAIR” without quote marks used at about 7:30 this morning. The DDN’s results that were returned only had Strickland’s name and no mention of CAIR.


(Correction, 10:30 a.m.: The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Politics blog had an entry yesterday that didn’t show up in a result-free Enquirer search. The entry describes CAIR as “America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group,” makes no mention of the terror ties described in this post, and says that Strickland is the first Ohio governor to address the group.)


Not newsworthy? Surely you jest. It’s not every day that the sitting governor of one of the country’s larger states breaks bread with an organization that has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged criminal conspiracy to support the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Hamas.

Yes, THAT Hamas. Y’know, the one that during the few days leading up to the governor’s appearance was reported to have, among many other atrocities:

  • Executed officials of rival Gaza Strip faction Fatah “one by one in front of their families in the streets of Gaza City.” Many of those officials appear not to have been combatants in any meaningful sense.
  • Thrown an officer in a Fatah-linked security force (Mohammed Sweirki of the Presidential Guard of President Mahmoud Abbas) from the roof of a 15-story apartment building (Fatah did likewise to a Hamas “activist”).
  • Shot dead seven Fatah fighters after they had surrendered.”


And who is Dr. Parvez Ahmed, you may ask? He’s CAIR’s national Chairman of the Board. In 2004, this paragon of “connecting and sharing,” and of “promoting justice and mutual understanding,” threatened “legal consequences” (HT FrontPage) to those who might dare to write letters to the editor about CAIR’s alleged ties to terror.

Ahmed’s latest blog post attempts to minimize the significance of the arrests relating to the plot to blow up JFK airport.

FrontPage further notes that:

CAIR has consistently shown sympathy for overseas terrorist groups and their activities. In fact, CAIR’s actions led Senator Charles Shumer, D-NY, to declare, “We know [CAIR] has ties to terrorism.”

Are Ted Strickland and his administration so out of touch with reality that they saw this event as just another “Kumbaya” moment? Is Ohio’s (and the nation’s) press so apathetic and gullible to think that the governor’s appearance at CAIR-Ohio with the organization’s national chairman in attendance is just another relatively meaningless banquet-circuit event?

The governor’s appearance was very long on naivete, very short on sound judgment, and gave a dose of legitimacy to an organization that most certainly doesn’t deserve it. It’s hard not to think that Ohio’s media, some of whom surely received CAIR’s press release and are aware of CAIR’s activities, are carrying the governor’s water.

Cross-posted at NewsBusters.org.


FOOTNOTE: I suppose that, as more posts appear throughout the day at other SOB blogs, Ohio’s leftosphere will consider this one of those “coordinated” thingies. Truth be told, I got an e-mail tip from a reader, found a link, and let other SOBs know about it. I did suggest that they sit on it overnight to see what Ohio’s press did with it (as expected, nothing). Otherwise, what they’re doing with this news is up to them.

If this is “coordination,” it’s the same concept John McConnell of Worthington Industries has used, and it has worked pretty well: “People talk to each other.” Imagine that.

Sometimes, as in this case, other information unexpectedly arrives that helps to bolster the points being made. You really should read the entire LGF entry, and the linked FrontPage column by Patrick Poole, to get a flavor for what’s going on right here in the Buckeye State.


UPDATE: I suppose someone will want to administer some grief over this

“I would like to salute the Ohio chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations as well as the national office for their support and sponsorship of this annual event [Islamic Day] and for contributing to the diversity of the state of Ohio.”
-Ohio Governor Bob Taft (R)

The quote isn’t dated, but it is certainly from before 1/1/07. People identified by party on the linked list are about 80-20 Dem-GOP (28-7, by my count).

Four Five things:
- CAIR wasn’t an unindicted co-conspirator then; it is now. That covers other dhimmi politicians (who all really should have known better anyway) who might have lent credibility to CAIR before this year.
- This blogger called for Taft to resign several times, so I don’t exactly have a membership in the blind-belief GOP Fan Club.
- I don’t recall any negative leftist reaction to Taft’s appearance. There was negative reaction on the right.
- See Schumer quote above.
- The point about the “mysterious” non-coverage by Ohio’s media remains.


- June 21 — Strickland-CAIR Followup: Not in Our Name, Guv (Not in Our Old Media Coverage, Either)

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  1. CAIR has lost something like 90% of its paying members over the last 5 years.

    They are irrelevant to everybody except the liberal media and liberal politicians.

    For the life of me I don’t get why liberals are also attracted to sharia.

    Comment by Mark_McNally — June 19, 2007 @ 8:59 am

  2. [...] See also BizzyBlog and Central Ohioans Against Terrorism. Bookmark | Trackback URI [...]

    Pingback by Columbuser.com / Strickland connects with “radical front group for Hamas” — June 19, 2007 @ 10:35 am

  3. The fact that the Enquirer wrote something about this but didn’t even mention CAIR’s terrorist ties is worse than having written nothing at all.

    Comment by Nasty, Brutish & Short — June 19, 2007 @ 11:03 am

  4. My household still receives some CAIR publication because the folks from whom we bought our house nearly a decade ago are Egyptian. I keep it next to my copies of United Synagogue (the Conservative movements magazine).

    Now, Tom – let’s be real here. We are bloggers. We expect news to come after it happens. I know that. But the CAIR thing was just Sunday night. I’ve found over and over and over again that the papers just don’t respond as quickly, if they do at all. Look at what absolutely CRAPPY coverage there’s been of the Iran divestment shake up re: Josh Mandel. He was all over the papers when it first arrived and he brought in outsiders to promote it in the Ohio legislature. But there was narry a wordy in ANY paper once Flowers and Husted killed the bill last week.

    Something happened. People talked Mandel out of pursuing a vote on the bill, or he decided on his own. We have NO idea – it wasn’t in the MSM and Mandel’s office hasn’t put anything out that I know of.

    I think that’s far bigger than Strickland speaking at CAIR. But regardless – plenty of time has passed since that tabling of HB 151 and still nothing in the papers.

    My point – those of us who like to know, who want to know, know where to find out what we want to know. And the newspapers simply aren’t it, a lot of the time. At least not locally or unless it’s something huge, like perhaps Tom Noe and the Blade’s work. But even with that, the blogs weren’t big back then. You have to wonder if now, with blogs being snoopers like we are – trying to sniff the wind – would we pick up stuff that the papers would still be developing?

    Anyway – I feel your pain re: no reporting on such things, but honestly – I think it’s part of a much bigger issue regarding timeliness, lack of space and what some of expect re: turnaround time.

    Comment by Jill — June 19, 2007 @ 11:54 am

  5. #4 Jill, I mostly agree.

    But if the papers aren’t “it,” who is? Indie Bloggers aren’t, or shouldn’t be. The newspapers have set up their blogs to supposedly solve the timeliness problem.

    On Mandel-Iran, I don’t understand it either. The WSJ had something that seemed to come out very, very late.

    On Strickland-CAIR, I would submit that if they weren’t going to cover it by today, they aren’t going to.

    And how can the Enquirer do such a whitewash of CAIR? A civil-rights org?

    Comment by TBlumer — June 19, 2007 @ 1:26 pm

  6. Well, you won’t get an argument from me that it’s disturbing and borderline irresponsible. But it goes back to points that you and I and other bloggers have been making for months, if not years: the MSM filters and edits out. The criteria they use to do so may or may not vary, and how it varies may or may not depend on a variety of things – we can speculate all we want, they can tell us or spin us all they want. But they edit and they filter. Period. And that’s one of the very prime reasons that blogs exist and thrive and will continue to do so and mutate to other forms of news dissemination: because news consumers demand better and expect better and need better.

    Are blogs better? Er, um, well – I don’t think I could say that as a general proposition. But we certainly offer a lot that the MSM isn’t.

    Comment by Jill — June 19, 2007 @ 1:58 pm

  7. I guess one has to reall “care” to be speaking at such a “Cair”ing group that supports only piece throughout the world. It appears the MSM doesn’t really do “cair”.

    Ok… It’s just strange how strongly the Muslim voting block is being courted… wasn’t Blackwell criticized for courting the “church” vote to closely?

    Comment by Conservative Culture — June 19, 2007 @ 3:09 pm

  8. The GOP’s silence on this is deafening. If Taft had spoken to an extremist group like this, the press releases would have hit the reporters in-boxes first thing this morning.

    Comment by MKH — June 19, 2007 @ 4:08 pm

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  10. The GOP is too afraid of the big bad CAIR to raise a fuss over this. Ted must not have been paying attention at Asbury Theological Seminary when they taught against being unequaly yoked.

    The View From Out Here

    Comment by TVFOH — June 20, 2007 @ 3:47 am

  11. [...] As far as I can tell according to Google, the media is still blacking out on covering Strickland’s controversial speech.  Bizzyblog has the story and with copious links.  This is a two-fer scandal as it simultaneously shows that Strickland is liberal, and the Ohio media will complicitly cover up Strickland’s extreme views while outing any hint of the same in Republicans. [...]

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  13. [...] Now Ted is doing something more dangerous. Sunday night, Gov Strickland spoke in front of CAIR, a known front group for terrorists. By giving this bunch of liars and haters who try to stir up trouble in the courts legitimacy, he tells them that one day Sharia law will be accepted in Ohio. And the press says nothing about it. So its left up to people like me to spread the word. CAIR is a intelligent bunch. they learned the politics of manipulation from the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. People who know how to manipulate politicians by saying, if you don’t do what we say then we will go the press and tell them what kind of intolerant, racist bigot you are. The press loves this kind of stuff because they think Stalin had it right. Hardly and conservative politicians will complain about this because they are too afraid of the big bad CAIR to say so. [...]

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  14. [...] Governor Ted Strickland made an appearance at the 10th anniversary banquet of the Council of American-Islamic Relations. BizzyBlog notes its importance while most of the Ohio media drops the ball. Governor Strickland addressed the crowd of 350 people, saying: “On behalf of all Ohioans, [my wife and I] appreciate your vision to promote justice and mutual understanding. We gather under CAIR-Ohio’s theme this year, ‘American Muslims: Connecting and Sharing,’ to do just that, to connect and share and get to know each other better.” [...]

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