June 27, 2007

Wow, Was That Weak (Hannity Skunks Voinovich)

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Just got back.

Miss 7 hours, you miss a lot, as they say.

I heard that Voinovich was going to be on Hannity on the way to a 3:45 commitment and had a chance to tip a couple of folks to its imminence. I only was able to listen to the first five minutes or so of the interview. I had to stop listening right at the point where it was obvious that George didn’t know the status of Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s amendment. I told myself “d***, this is going to go downhill in a big hurry.”

Did it ever.

Hot Air has the full audio of the interview (memo to Allah — Please, please, don’t EVER take it down). Don’t miss Allah’s thoughts and the choice reader comments.

Great SOB Alliance coverage of our not-soon-enough former senator is here:

  • Thespis Journal (with soothing musical accompaniment) — “Voinovich Embarrasses Ohio Again.”
  • Nasty Brutish & Short liveblogged.
  • Keeler Report weighs in.
  • NixGuy, among other things, makes the point that Sherrod Brown doesn’t deserve a pass on this either, and has an evening update.
  • One Oar is calling for a Senate hearing — the OHIO Senate, with Voinovich and Brown subpoenaed to defend themselves. This type of out-of-touch conduct and voting is a direct result of the 17th Amendment’s direct election of senators. The past few days have effectively been Exhibit A as to why the 17th should be repealed, and the selection of Senators should be returned to state legislatures.
  • Mark at Weapons of Mass Discussion is ready to kick something.
  • Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has a great roundup of his own (sorry guy, missed it in the first pass after Mark’s great post). And yeah, Zach from Outer Space is more grounded on immigration than the man Matt calls RINOovich.
  • Porkopolis has updated his post from yesterday.
  • Interested-Participant — “Senator George Voinovich is laying the groundwork for his defeat in the next election.”
  • Pain Dealer — “We may have just heard the beginning of the end of Voinovich’s career on live radio.”
  • Joe C at RAB has a late entry — “GV has now become an iconic figure in the illegal immigration debate, representing the arrogance of the pro-amnesty supporters from the President on down. His “interview” was so embarassing, his ignorance so profound, his demeanor so childish, that his performance may have actually killed the amnesty bill by virtue of other senators rushing to dissociate themselves from him.”

Other coverage:

  • WorldNetDaily (HT FreeRepublic, with over 100 comments) — “Voinovich self-destructs on Hannity” — “The normally low-profile Republican hung up on the No. 2 talk host in the country.”
  • Blogmeister — “The man didn’t even seem to have a full handle on what he’ll be voting on!”
  • PrestoPundit — “We already know that the White House has its information all wrong about the amnesty bill. Now we’re learning that most of the various Senators have very little knowledge of what they are voting on. Pathetic.”
  • Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings — “Voinovich was, plain and simple, arrogant, uninformed, and angry about being questioned by the American people. It’s quite embarrassing to me as a Republican that he is a representative of my party.”
  • The as-usual indefatigable Michelle Malkin (see 6:36 PM update) — “Speaking of lack of confidence in our lawmakers, get a load of blubbering, clueless George Voinovich on Hannity. Good gawd. Keep talking, George. You’re the best help we have in killing the bill out there.”


  1. Voinovich has made a career out of being smarter than Dennis Kucinich. That is no longer enough. Hannity is no genius, but today he seemed like one compared to our senator. He started by tossing a softball question about the Fairness Doctrine. Basically, something any 6th grader should understand as being unconstitutional. Voinovich was confused and had no idea what Hannity was asking about. Here the talk show host gave him a chance to make a few points with the audience by dumping on a bad legislative idea being pushed by Dems upset about a loss of their media monopoly. Instead George played the fool. The interview went downhill from there. Heck, Sherrod Brown might be wrong on the Fairness Doctrine, but I bet if asked about it he’d know what it is. Even Kucinich knows what it is.

    Unfortunately, as far as I’ve been able to research, our state has no procedure for recall of elected officials.

    Comment by largebill — June 27, 2007 @ 11:10 pm

  2. #1, never thought of it that way, but a pet rock could have looked better than Kucinich. The clueless on the Fairness Doctrine riff was like nails on a chalkboard.

    I don’t believe Senators are recallable, which is certainly one of the many defects of the 17th Amendment, which should be repealed but probably never will be.

    Comment by TBlumer — June 27, 2007 @ 11:21 pm

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