June 28, 2007

Further Reflection on Voinovich (with Immigration Cloture Vote Updates)

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NOTE: This post will stay at the top for the rest of the day, and may be sporadically updated. For up-to-the-minutes, you can’t do better than Michelle Malkin’s rolling-updates post and Hot Air.

11:30 a.m. — DRUDGE Siren Is On — “Enough senators to stop the immigration bill have voted to block it. A roll call is continuing and the vote is not final …..”

11:35 a.m. — “Senate Blocks Immigration Bill…” “Down in Flames…”

11:40 a.m. The Hill — 46-53!!

11:45 a.m. — Gribbit: Voinovich voted NO!

(This inserted pause in the time progression is brought to you by the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance, including yours truly, for the purpose of claiming an unspecified teeny-tiny bit of credit for Mr. Voinovich’s apparent change of (?)heart.)

12:15 p.m. — Michelle Malkin has the roll call.

12:25 p.m. — Additional quick-look pleasant-surprise NO votes (IMO): Bayh, Bingaman, Bond, Burr, Cochran, Coleman, Ensign, Grassley, Harkin, Hatch, Landrieu, McConnell, Murkowski, Warner. (10:30 p.m. MISSED THE FIRST TIME: Sherrod Brown also voted NO!)

Scroll to the bottom for other post-vote updates.


In the 8-1/2 years he has been a senator, how many times has George Voinovich said on the eve of an important vote that he is interested in hearing from his constituents?



If you’re thinking that Monday might have been the very first time, you’re not alone.

So what gives?

My take: The Senator was looking for what he got — an earful. Given that, as noted here yesterday, he planned to vote as he did on Tuesday on immigration-bill cloture, and said so several days earlier in an address to party insiders, I believe he intended to capitalize on what he surely knew would be overwhelming caller urgings to vote “no” to portray his planned “yes” vote as a demonstration of political courage showing that he “won’t be intimidated,” in the infamous words he used yesterday with Hannity. Don’t forget that in doing so, he was from all appearances perfectly willing to waste the time, energy, and talents of thousands of busy people who had been led to believe that their input meant something.

Didn’t exactly work out, did it, George? (BizzyBlog post; Hot Air audio)

Today, the Senator can prove me wrong in my take and vote the right way (NO!) on cloture. I would be quite pleased to be proven wrong. It’s up to you, George.


UPDATE: The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s blog has a brief snippet on yesterday’s Voinovich-Hannity dustup. The rest of Ohio’s slumbering media appears not to have any other coverage. FrontPage has a long story on “Senator Embarrassment,” including his going wobbly on Iran and the Iraq War, and his out-of-touch take on the economy and tax cuts.

UPDATE 2: At 10:30 a.m., a Google Blogs search on “Voinovich Hannity” (not in quotes) during the past 48 hours had over 60 results.

UPDATE 3: Happy to be wrong, George. Can’t wait to hear the logic.

UPDATE 4, 2PM: Dean Barnett

In this class of fence-sitters, I would be remiss in my duties as a blogger if I didn’t carve out a special place for George Voinovich. Yesterday, Senator Voinovich was humiliating himself on the air with Sean Hannity, accusing Hannity of being irrational for opposing the bill. Today, Voinovich voted against cloture. What political courage!

Fine, Dean. But a booby prize goes to your boss Hugh Hewitt for thinking this pile of rubbish was salvageable (column here, blog posts here and here). And from this, it looks like you, Dean, were okay with fixing it at one point. Sometimes I think you guys want to be known as the go-along, get-along Bob Michels of the center-right. Bad idea.

UPDATE 5, 2:15 P.M.: Good point by Kaus, the YouTube Humiliator –

Fifteen Dems (plus Sanders) vote against cloture, making it unclear if Sen. Reid has achieved what seemed to be his unadvertised dream: A failed bill he could blame on the Republicans. …

For cryin’ out loud, Harry, polls showed a large majority (mid-high 50s, with support only in mid-30s) of Dems opposed the bill.

Final 1Q07 GDP, at 0.7%, Is Barely Revised Up from May

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NOTE: This post was revised. An earlier version of this post stated that final GDP was unchanged because that’s what BEA’s e-mail announcement (which was obviously wrong) said.


The BEA press release showing that first quarter 2007 Gross Domestic Product growth was an annualized 0.7% is here.

Previous posts on the prior releases and comments on the quarter’s results are here and here.

With the ISM’s Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing reports running comfortably in expansion mode, I don’t see how the second quarter’s GDP can fail to improve, hopefully quite a bit, on the first quarter’s dismal result.

OH-18 Update: Phillips for Congress Campaign Responds to Post and Inquiry on Residency

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Following up on this post, I let the Paul Phillips for Congress campaign know in an e-mail that I was concerned about the candidate’s status and intentions relating to residency in the 18th District, and received the following e-mail response from Campaign Manager Lonnie Dietz.

I said that if I received a response, I would publish it verbatim, so here goes.



Thank you for contacting us about Paul’s residency in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District. We strongly agree that it is important to live in the district and have well established roots with those you hope to represent in Congress. As you may know, Paul is a 4th generation native to Chillicothe. He graduated from Chillicothe High School in 1981, his grandfather was the Mayor of Chillicothe and his father was a State Representative for the area. After graduating from Ohio State in 1985, Paul entered USAF Pilot Training and embarked on a highly successful 20 year career in the Air Force as a B-1 bomber pilot. Through his military service, Paul lived all over the country and world, but the more he saw, the more he was convinced to return home at the completion of his military career to raise his family here in Chillicothe.

In preparation to join his father’s Chillicothe law practice, he began evening law school in 2001 while he completing his military career from which he retired in 2006. He and his wife began house hunting in Chillicothe in 2004 and made offers on several houses. As one of our country’s top bomber pilots, shortly before retirement, he was highly sought after by Booz Allen Hamilton as a defense consultant to assist the Air Force in developing the Next Generation Long Range Strike Aircraft at Wright Paterson AFB. Paul accepted this job to help the Air Force continue its airpower world dominance as he prepared for and took the Ohio Bar Exam and continued house hunting in Chillicothe.

He and his wife took up temporary residence in Beavercreek during this transition. In May of 2006, Paul passed the bar exam and his wife was pregnant with their first child. Their timeline for settling in Chillicothe was eased as they focused on the pregnancy and preparation for their baby. In January 2007 their first child, Lauren was born. In February, his father was admitted into a permanent care facility in Chillicothe which also required a great deal of Paul’s focus. During this demanding time, Paul has been spending practically all of his time in Chillicothe assisting his mother, working in his new practice, and deciding on a permanent home for his family.

After several offers, they HAVE purchased a home under construction, which is scheduled for completion in August. You can rest assured that Paul has been a constant fixture in Chillicothe since the completion of his military service and was even recruited to run for Congress by the local party. His business is a member of the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce. He is also registered with the local court as a full time attorney and no longer works for Booz Allen Hamilton, although his interest in helping the Air Force has not diminished. Chillicothe is Paul’s home and he intends to live here for the rest of his life regardless of what happens on Election Day. I hope this answers your questions, please feel free to call me if you want to talk in more detail.

I have also attached a copy of Paul’s bio that will help give you a timeline of the events in Paul’s life.

Thanks again for contacting us and your diligence to get an answer this important issue.

Lonnie Dietz
Campaign Manager
Paul Phillips for Congress


I have taken the liberty of converting the bio Mr. Dietz mentioned to HTML, and it is posted here.

It would appear that there is little to be concerned about with Paul Phillips’s plans to legitimately represent the 18th District by moving and continuing to live there, and the candidate deserves kudos for that. I appreciate the campaign’s prompt response, and believe it bodes well both for the quality of campaign and, if things work out, the quality of representation the people of the 18th District would receive.

Positivity: Stolen 1956 Thunderbird recovered — 31 years later

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From Palo Alto, California:

(06-21) 17:07 PDT PALO ALTO — When the phone rang at his car-rental business in Milpitas this morning and Palo Alto police were on the line, retired Officer Ronald Leung figured he was being solicited for the department’s bowling league.

The last thing he expected was that Officer Brian Philip would be calling with news that Leung’s stolen 1956 Ford Thunderbird had been recovered in Ventura County — 31 years to the day after it was ripped off from a Palo Alto parking lot.

“I was very shocked. I mean, you’d be shocked, too, if you lost something and you found it — 31 years later,” Leung said. “Let me tell you, after 31 years, I thought that car was long-gone history, like the Roman Empire.”

Since 1976, when the car was stolen from Leung’s auto-repair shop on Forest Avenue and High Street, the 59-year-old car aficionado has fathered two kids and retired from a two-decade-long career in law enforcement. The classic car, meanwhile, stayed in mint shape, according to the Ventura County California Highway Patrol officer who helped piece the puzzle together.

“It’s in really good condition,” said CHP Officer Christopher Throgmorton, who works out of the agency’s Moorpark (Ventura County) office and has gained a reputation in Southern California for being able to track down the vehicle identification numbers, or VINs, of old cars. “It looks like somebody had it refurbished. It’s been restored.”

Go here for the rest of the story.