June 30, 2007

Sherrod Brown, and His Changed Immigration-Bill Vote of Little Renown

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I went to Sherrod Brown’s US Senate web site to get an explanation for why he changed his vote on immigration-bill cloture to “no” on Thursday after a “yes” on Tuesday, and a “yes” a few weeks ago.

The senator’s home page gave early indications that I might not get an answer:






Nearly eight months since his election and six months into his term, Sherrod Brown’s Contact page still shows only Washington and Cleveland office contact info; he is apparently still “in the process” of serving the rest of the state. Perhaps setting up an office across the hall from George Soros (scroll down to see family contributions) has taken higher precedence.

Back to Brown’s immigration votes. Visiting the Senator’s Newsroom page wasn’t very helpful:


Since the senator apparently hasn’t felt compelled to officially explain himself, perhaps Old Media got something from him. Here is what the Cincinnati Enquirer reported in a story that also gives credit to Cox News Service:

Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio: “I was deeply concerned about the impact of the bill’s guest worker provisions on Ohio wages and working conditions, and the provision that would separate families.”

Nice try, guy. No sale.

The fact is that there was no meaningful change in the bill between Tuesday and Thursday that affected guest worker provisions or family togetherness. Brown’s “answer,” while not as duplicitous as George Voinovich’s was, is still a non-answer.

Brown appears to be getting no heat for his sudden switch. Or if it exists, it’s well-hidden. A search on “Sherrod Brown” at Daily Kos (no quotes needed for a multiple-word search) shows nothing more recent about Brown than mid-May. In fact, the Leftroots’ apathy on the issue is an interesting thing to see, with very few Daily Kos “immigration” items in the past week.

Brown’s “explanation” is every bit as weak as George Voinvich’s. In fact, given his consistent poor ratings from immigration watchdog groups (0% from FAIR — scroll down a bit; career D- and recent D from Americans for Better Immigration; Voinovich’s ratings with ABI are D and D), and Ted Kennedy’s passionate advocacy of the bill, one might expect Brown’s vote to be generating a great deal of outrage. Why not? Could this be one of those “you have to fool ‘em” votes that leftists forgive?


UPDATE: In this Cincinnati Enquirer article on June 13, there was this:

“The Senate failed in its duty,” said Pam Dixon, with Cincinnati Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

At least, she said in a Tuesday conference call with news media, Ohio Republican Sen. George Voinovich and Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown “had the courage to vote yes” to end debate. The Senate attempt to bring the bill to a final vote failed 45 to 50. Senate Republicans wanted more changes in a 326-page bill they consider deeply flawed.

So what’s your take on Brown’s and Voinovich’s “courage” today, Pam? How does it feel to be thrown away like yesterday’s newspaper?



  1. Brown is getting no heat from the leftroots because they didn’t like this bill either, but for different reasons, mainly the guest worker provisions, which they view as creating a second tier citizenship status that would undermine the earning power of traditional Democrat constituencies.

    see: http://news.aol.com/elections-blog/2007/06/26/immigration-temp-workers-and-the-left/



    Comment by dave — June 30, 2007 @ 5:14 pm

  2. I noticed that Sherrod Brown has bothered to say nothing about what he has been doing since taking office last January. Oh wait…he did speak to some lefties about his accidental vote, and complained about having temporary offices. Other than that nothing…nodda…zip.

    Out of curiosity I went to some left wing echo chambers, in Ohio, and posed the question: What has Sherrod Brown been up to? I pointed out the same thing that you did. That is, that his web page is a joke. No press releases…nothing.

    The reply from left-wing Ohio was along the lines of (paraphrase): “So what…you want to make something out of nothing?!?!?” Someone even admitted that they though Sherrod Brown was an ineffective legislature! No one tried to defend him.

    I am glad to see someone pointing this out.

    Maybe Sherrod Brown is busy helping with passports. Let’s cut him some slack then.

    Comment by Mike Pelsozy — June 30, 2007 @ 6:41 pm

  3. “Maybe Sherrod Brown is busy helping with passports. Let’s cut him some slack then.”

    Nah. I first noticed this as an issue from my periodic check-in at Sen Grassley’s site. He started a fuss on June 5th.

    Voinovich tagged along a week or two later. See this June 19th article.
    e.g. “Voinovich is co-sponsoring an amendment to the immigration bill aimed at quelling the burden of future passport delays as the January 2008 deadline approaches.”

    A quick google today on “passports Brown” got nothing of note. Very quick look though, so I may be wrong.

    Comment by Cornfed — June 30, 2007 @ 9:47 pm

  4. Brown does deserve credit for responding directly to anyone who contacted him via his internet site and included an email address.

    I contact both Senators on the same day last week. Only Brown provided a direct reply. I suppose it’s possible I had a typo in my email address, so interested in hearing if others had a different experience.

    Comment by Cornfed — June 30, 2007 @ 9:52 pm

  5. #4, fair enough on the Brown response.

    In general, until this past week, Ohio’s Senators have been about as invisible as they come since the last election. Brown has thus far been a virtual non-entity.

    Comment by TBlumer — June 30, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

  6. “Voinovich tagged along a week or two later. See this June 19th article.”

    Correction: Sen Voinovich was involved earlier than stated above. My comment above was premature. Details are in link below. Excerpts of note:
    - Originally involved about the same time as Sen G. based on the datem by Sen V of a “letter of June 7″ to Secretaries Rice and Chertoff.
    - Actually using the Senate processes to develop a bill: “I am writing to express my interest in holding a Subcommittee hearing ”


    Another press release by him lists highlights of the bill he’s co-sponsoring with Sen Coleman. That bill may be worth a closer look, here or by other bloggers if/when hearings are held, since border-crossing proposals are part of the details.

    Just wanted to correct my info above.

    Comment by Cornfed — July 1, 2007 @ 1:32 pm

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