August 16, 2007

The Colum-busted Dispatch: Links to Writings of Story’s Subjects Appear, 9-10 Days Later

Here are the relevant portions of the Google-cached version (saved here for posterity) of Barbara Carmen’s August 6 Columbus Dispatch article, “Investigation clears Hilliard man”:



Note the cache date: August 15.

Here’s how it looks today as of about noon (saved here for posterity):


My, my: How DID those “TO READ MORE” links get there (Poole – here, here, and here; Arman – here, here, and here [dated link here])?

Why did they not appear until at least nine days after the August 6 article’s original publish date?

Why isn’t there any kind of indication that the “TO READ MORE” links were added later? Does the Dispatch want readers to think they’ve been there all along?

And how long did the folks at the Dispatch have to look to make sure they didn’t have to use the Arman links helpfully made available at this August 14 BizzyBlog post (here and here)? By doing so, the Dispatch “serves” its readers by enabling them to avoid nasty things like Arman characterizing the six-month ICU crackdown as “six months of law and order,” and decrying “The Iraqization of Somalia.” Two of the three items the Dispatch linked also “happen” to be older (10/17/05 and 7/1/06) than the ones I cited (12/11/06 and 6/13/07).

The Arman links the Dispatch used (naturally?) mostly make him appear relatively moderate, especially if one doesn’t grasp the Sharia intentions of the Islamic Courts Union (“Somalia’s Taliban“) or the true mindset of Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam.

The Dispatch should have had these and better links up at the time of the article. How convenient that almost no one will visit the now 10 day-old story to get background that should have been there all along.


UPDATE: CAIR is surely pleased with the Dispatch’s treatment of the Arman story, even taking the opportunity to change the original headline and sub-headline to “OH Muslim Cleared After Internet ‘Witch Hunt’ — Articles accused him of supporting terrorists.” Zheesh. CAIR made some “interesting” editing decisions too.


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