August 24, 2007

Write It Down: The Reds Have a Chance, If They’re Convinced They Have a Chance

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Don’t have time for the usual today due to out-of-town travel, so here’s a total change of pace.

The Reds can win the NL Central.

Note that I did NOT say they will.

Here’s where it stands now:


Here are my points:

  • Last year’s winner, the Cardinals, only won 83 games.
  • I don’t think any team now ahead of the Reds will win 83. Heck, they may not even win 81.
  • That includes my beloved Cubs, who don’t seem hungry.
  • Milwaukee? They’ll be below .500 at the end.
  • The Cards? Maybe, but they’ve been inconsistent all year.

So the Reds need to go a tough but doable 26-9 to finish 83-79 (they’ve won 7 of their last 10). I believe that this can be done, if:

  • The starters, who appear to have come around, stay there.
  • The bullpen doesn’t regress to its early-year form.
  • The position hitters stay hot and/or timely.
  • They believe they can (Paging Tug “You Gotta Believe!” McGraw). All else is out the window if they think it’s over. It’s NOT over.

See you on October 1 or so with the results. Then we can discuss how a team with three surprisingly strong starters, in a short series, where anything can happen…..


UPDATE: Friday night (8/25) — Reds win. Sunday (8/27) — Reds Sweep, now 6-1/2 out. The Brewers are already back to .500 after getting swept.

Positivity: The baby born at 30,000 ft on holiday flight who weighed just 1 lb

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From in the air above Dusseldorf, Germany:

Last updated at 00:52am on 24th August 2007

As Nicola Delemere struggled through the pain of contractions, she was gripped with greater fears than the average expectant mother.

She and her husband were 30,000ft in the air on a plane to Crete, she was 25 weeks into her pregnancy – and there were no doctors on board.

The jet had been diverted when her waters broke but Mrs Delemere knew that Alfie couldn’t wait for landing.

Somewhere above Dusseldorf in Germany, as she sat in her seat with an air hostess and a passenger acting as midwives, he arrived, barely alive and weighing only 1lb 1oz.

Thankfully, flight supervisor Carol Miller was there. The woman described as “Alfie’s angel” used a drinking straw to clear the boy’s lungs, before carrying out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage for half an hour.

She relied on her basic medical training, and a retired nurse and ambulance driver were also there to offer advice. The plane soon arrived at Gatwick Airport and Alfie was taken straight to hospital.

He was not out of danger yet, however.

Go here for the rest of the story.

OK, We’re Back …..

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But wayyyy behind. The host had maintenance that was supposed to end at 7, and didn’t until 8:30. Other matters are in the way. New items probably won’t go up until late this morning.