October 2, 2007

COAT’s Imam Ahmed Alzaree Follow-up

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Patrick Poole at Central Ohioans Against Terrorism has followed up on yours truly’s post on Imam Ahmed Alzaree, the story that gave rise to it, and the Ohio Old Media reports that came after it. His conclusion, unfortunately supported by what he cited:

Beginning with the original Plain Dealer story by David Briggs last Tuesday, it has been the “bloggers”, not the “journalists”, who have continued to break new developments on Alzaree’s hiring, questionable background and incendiary statements. The media establishment’s reluctance to say anything critical of Islamic extremists is hardly surprising in light of their past performance, but their willful ignorance and whistling past the graveyard has become so painfully obvious that it is getting hard to watch anymore.

You can feel Mr. Poole’s pain by visiting these follow-up stories:

  • Sept. 29, Cleveland Plain Dealer — “Public scrutiny under way for Ahmed Alzaree, new imam of Islamic Center of Cleveland”; my reaction to the Plain Dealer report is here.
  • Sept. 30, Columbus Dispatch — “Comment on Jews by incoming imam draws criticism”
  • Sept. 30, Cincinnati Enquirer — “Spiritual Leader’s Sermon Scrutinized”
  • (Additional story beyond the ones Poole noted) Sept. 30 (no date on page), Ohio News Now — “Controversial Sermon Tied To New Imam Northeast”

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