October 3, 2007

SOBer Thoughts (100307)

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Maggie Thurbers nails it on SCHIP’s anti-logic.


Smoke If You Got ‘Em found a WaPo piece about subsidized housing for the poor not so poor pretty well off.


Pro Eccelsia writes on the annual Red Mass Ruth Bader Ginsburg won’t go to. It must be the only thing red that she doesn’t like.


Porkopolis, and Dave at Wide Open, are all over a possible Jean Schmidt pork payoff in OH-02. Go to either place for more.


Interested-Participant notes that the last white landowners in Zimbabwe will not be landowners in Zimbabwe very much longer (scroll down to Oct. 1; can’t get his link to go below the top of the page).


TaxManBlog wants to go after the state lottery for ripping off the poor. Fair enough, but that comes AFTER the payday lending industry.


The Flight 93 Memorial project has gone outrageously out of whack. Right on the Right has more. If the current one stays as is, I hope someone builds a real one privately. If that happens, the Crescent will gather dust.


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