October 12, 2007

So Many Posts Backed Up, So Little Time

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I DO hope, but am not sure, that I can get to doing more with the items briefly described below (and others), but not until at least this evening.


Fellow Wide Open blogger Jeff inadvertently reveals a crucial difference between left and right, as in this comment he advocates throwing more money at SCHIP (which, based on this post, should be renamed ParisCare — thanks to commenter Mike of Mike’s Noise for the suggestion), despite acknowledged problems, instead of fixing it first. 30-plus years of that mindset gave us the monster known as Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). It took a Herculean effort to finally fix AFDC, now known as Taxpayer Assistance for Need Families (TANF), in 1996. Welfare Reform has been a stunning success.

SCHIP is the old AFDC writ large. It has a built-in constituency of sob-story poster children who can and will be dragged onto the national stage any time serious reform is suggested. It will get worse, and, because of the hype machine, will be even harder to fix than AFDC was — which is why SCHIP — and for that matter, Medicaid — should be fixed FIRST. Period.


Patrick Poole’s last four posts have been awesome must-reads for anyone concerned about the frightening degree of dhimmitude that seems to have set in around Metro Columbus –

  • Oct. 3 — “Censorship State: Columbus State administrators censor anti-terror student group” (related FrontPage column here)
  • Oct. 7 — “Former congresswoman encourages Columbus State censorship of anti-terror student group” (also conveniently answers the question, “What ever happended to Mary Rose ‘I wrote even more NSF checks on the House Bank than Bob McEwen’ Oakar?)
  • Oct. 8 — “HAMAS in the (Ohio State) House: HAMAS operative to speak at Ohio State Capitol later this month”
  • Oct. 12 — “HAMAS operative nearly appointed to Columbus Public School Board” (related item at Pajamas Media — hey, how did you do that, Patrick?)

This, plus Poole’s FOIA requests that ultimately led to the removal of a non-citizen (!) from a Franklin County board involved with homeland security not long ago, makes both the criticisms of Poole’s work (the ones I’ve seen so lack substance they aren’t even worth linking to), and lack of Columbus Dispatch follow-up, very hard to fathom.

Dave’s reax posts on Poole’s work (here and here) at Wide Open have also been worthy additions.

UPDATE, Oct. 13: Do not miss Poole’s American Thinker article, “Radical Islam’s Willing Bloggers.” Some people have some explaining to do, and Poole is not among them.


The federal deficit came in at $162.8 billion, down over 1/3 from last year, and $98 billion lower than where Bush in 2003 or 2004 promised it would be in the 2009-2010 budget, i.e., two years from now. September revenues were right at what I expected, but September spending was even lower than expected. Those who think that divided government in Washington is a good thing have a measure of vindication in the fact that total 2006-2007 spending was only 2.8% higher than 2005-2006 — not much higher than inflation, and the lowest rate of increase in a very long time.


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