October 15, 2007

Giuliani Promises He Will Lower Taxes, Calls Out Dems for Promising to Raise Them

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Mark at Weapons of Mass Discussion will like this (Matt too, though I can’t find a post).

Just one Minute has two videos (HT Instapundit) where presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani promises that he “will lower taxes,” and that he “will lower the right taxes” — the ones that, when lowered, stimulate economic growth.

The two videos show a candidate who is a kick-butt presenter, totally on his game.

The former New York City Mayor points out that he cut taxes so many times, there’s a big dispute of just how many times there were. He also notes that of all the GOP candidates who talk about taxes, he’s the one who has actual experience cutting them. Can anybody credibly argue that Gotham, and the nation as a whole, isn’t better off because of Giuliani’s fiscal management while he was mayor? Remember that lib commentators were calling the Big Apple “ungovernable” in the last days of previous mayor David Dinkins. (In case anyone wonders, this is NOT an endorsement.)

After noting that the three leading Democratic candidates want to raise taxes substantially, Giuliani masterfully (second vid) calls out Hillary Clinton for this quote (fourth-last paragraph at link):

“I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.”

He then wonders, “Can we afford any of them?”

Good question. Mrs. Clinton has proposed spending amounting to over $750 billion over a four-year presidential term. I count 15 ideas at the link, meaning that with over a year until the presidential election, she still has 999,985 ideas to choose from. Yikes.

Giuliani’s tax-cut promise, especially “the right taxes part,” is specific enough for me. It lays down an important marker in the campaign, one that the other GOP candidates need to respond to, and quickly.

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