October 20, 2007

I Think This Exposes the ‘We Support the Troops’ Charade for What It Is (Update: Restored)

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From San Luis Obispo, CA (HT Drudge):

Photos of troops overseas are gone from Paso post office, inspiring outrage

From customers to congressmen, the removal of dozens of photos of U.S. troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan – many of them with relatives who use the Paso Robles Post Office, where the pictures had been on display for years behind the counter – inspired outrage Friday.

The photos were taken down after a customer complained that the display was pro-war. When the issue came to the attention of the regional postal center, they asked that Paso Robles postmaster Mike Milby and his staff take them down because they violate a regulation against displays of non-postal business material at any U.S. post office.

“It’s an emotional issue and people look at their post office as a hub of the community, but the post office is there to do postal business and it’s not a place to post things or make displays,” said postal spokesman Richard Maher.

….. Maher said the post office will not be punished for the display.

I’m confident that there are many similar displays around the country (I know of at least two), and that attempts will be made to spread this ban to the rest of the country if the displays in San Luis Obispo aren’t restored.

The first bolded sentence above proves that at least antiwar person believes that supporting the troops is supporting the war. Therefore, photos, references, and well-wishers’ notes for area servicemen and women at a post office (for crying, out, loud), including many that merely wish for the soldiers’ safe return (heaven forbid) must be removed.

That person doesn’t support the troops, or the war. He or she isn’t alone. I would suggest that he or she is more typical than the fringe left or Old Media will dare admit.


UPDATE: Restored.


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  1. They sure can display photos of criminals not photos of our service members! Next thing they will do is take down the Christmas decors, or how about photos of missing children. It’s really insane!

    Comment by L8DBACK — October 22, 2007 @ 2:49 pm

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