November 6, 2007

Mike Coleman’s Potential Dealbreakers and Faith-Shakers Make Him Unfit for Reelection

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My biggest and most unforgivable miss of the past week has been of Right Angle Blog’s coverage of what ought to be called “Waterdowngate” — referring to the Columbus Dispatch’s failure to spill all the beans on the apparent treasure trove of derogatory information it has about incumbent Mayor Mike Coleman, who is up for re-election today against challenger Bill Todd.

Here are the RAB and other relevant links:

  • Oct. 31 — The Dispatch Hides Bad News About Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman
  • Oct. 31 — An assist from Patrick Poole at American Thinker.
  • Nov. 1 — Columbus Dispatch Actions Apparently Prove They Are Hiding Stories about Coleman
  • Nov. 2 — Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman is BREAKING THE LAW & Another Dispatch Coverup!
  • Nov. 4 — The Truth About Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman & His Questionable Character
  • Nov. 4 — One Columbus Dispatch Employee Speaks Out Against His Own Paper’s Reporting
  • Nov. 4 — Brent Greer: To Say The Dispatch Watered Down News about Mike Coleman is a Understatement
  • Nov. 5 — ePluribus Media chimes in.

Let’s “dispatch” with Mr. Coleman, who actually entertained thoughts of running for governor in 2006 (yikes!), first. He has several potential BizzyBlog Dealbreakers that would, if proven, make him clearly unacceptable.

Recall that a BizzyBlog Dealbreaker is:

….. something that completely justifies a person not voting for you, regardless of your party or your stands on the issues.

A quick perusal of RAB’s posts shows at least the following potential Dealbreakers:

  • HERE“money laundering in the amount of $200,000 by city hall vendors in order to support the democrat candidate’s TV commercials.”
  • HERE — Breaking a city campaign-finance law he championed — “the Dispatch management allegedly decided NOT to expose Mayor Coleman apparently breaking the law (Columbus City Code 2321.53). In 2005, Mayor Coleman signed a law requiring each and every Columbus candidate to file a five-day campaign finance report if they have raised or expended $10,000 or more during a specific time frame. Well, you guessed it, the MAYOR apparently broke the law!”
  • HERE“….. used his influence and power to take care of his (convicted) drug dealing buddy by helping his wife get a job in the city government.” Matt also notes the likelihood that this person likely skirted normal city hiring procedures.

I may have missed others in the rush to get this entry posted.

Given the compelling if still inconclusive evidence, that’s too many potential Dealbreakers for voters to ignore. Mike Coleman does not deserve their votes, period.

Let’s add to that plenty of pretty serious faith-shakers, which at least include:

  • Coleman’s disgraceful near-defense of sexual predators and administrative stonewallers at a Columbus-area public school in an interview with Glenn Beck.
  • His association with CAIR national vice-chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras (who despite non-citizenship managed to get onto a Franklin County board involved with Homeland Security until exposed).
  • His apparent initial obliviousness to his wife’s continuing alcohol-abuse problem. That’s not necessarily a faith-shaker, but his follow-up actions, which were in my view more oriented more towards minimizing the damage to him than to helping her, are.
  • Unexplained expenditures on almost-beyond-doubt personal items using campaign funds.

It should be patently obvious to Columbus residents that a lot of the wrong people have their hands on the levers of power in that city.

That needs to change. Columbus voters have until this evening to do something about that, and they should.

Now to “dispatch” with the Dispatch — The quiet, selective, delayed coverage of Coleman’s potential Dealbreakers and faith-shakers, along with the cozy, contribution-riddled, favor-driven relationship between the Mayor and the paper’s publisher, should be subscription-breakers for anyone who cares about the disappearance of quality journalism at state capital’s only wide-circulation daily paper. Regardless of whether Mr. Coleman survives, a lot of people in Columbus should be voting against the Dispatch — with their wallets.


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