November 17, 2007

Romney Update: Kevin and Gregg of Pundit Review Have at It

Lacking a substantive response from the Romney campaign or a Romney supporter to Gregg Jackson’s detailed contentions about the former Massachusetts governor’s policy positions and record (here and here), Gregg’s Pundit Review co-host Kevin Whelan, who notes that he “not even a Romney supporter,” has stepped into the breach and attempted a rigorous defense of the Mittster.

Gregg has responded in kind.

I believe that Gregg retains the prohibitive upper hand, but you should read the whole things. It’s important. Candidate-related discussions such as these should be happening throughout the land, but they rarely do.

I find it very telling that a full week after Gregg’s first column, someone who isn’t even a supporter has to try to do the job the Team Romney and Romney sympathizers won’t do. What has transpired instead is a powderpuff interview by Hugh Hewitt that didn’t even attempt to get into the neighborhood of Gregg’s contentions, and personal-attack remarks from pro-Romney bloggers and others.

That doesn’t and won’t cut it, folks. Mitt Romney deserves no one’s vote without satisfactory detailed explanations, rebuttals, or, where needed, admissions of error. Period.


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