November 24, 2007

Positivity: Siouxland Girl Thanks Teenagers Who Saved Her Life

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From Sioux City, Iowa:

Updated: November 18, 2007, 5:24 pm

One Siouxland girl, who was hit by a van about two weeks ago while waiting for her school bus, is now home from the hospital.

Her family is thankful for all of the support they’ve received, but now they want to personally thank those people who lifted the van off of their child that terrible Thursday morning.

Serena Faber, only in middle school, has survived what many of us can only imagine. Now, after four surgeries and much support from the community, her family says they’re lucky she’s alive.

Serena rests at home after spending a week at the hospital. Greeted by a welcome home sign and many stuffed animals, Serena is lucky to be alive and November 8th is a day she and her family will never forget.

Lanie Kunkel, Serena’s sister, says “My mom was crying and I was like what happened and she said Serena was hit by a car and I immediately panicked.”

Serena Faber says “My knee got trapped under the car and my arm got rolled over.”

That was only the beginning – Serena suffered from many injuries.

Faber says “My shoulder – the bone was sticking out so they had to put 3 pins in it. My knee it went through the growth plate.”

Kunkel says “I panicked I freaked out I couldn’t even comprehend it for the longest time.”

It was a van with faulty breaks that hit 11 year old Serena as she waited for her bus. But, then, what happened next may have just saved her life.

Kunkel says “The five high school guys lifted up the car off of her so that the two adults could pull her out. We don’t know who they were, but I just want to thank them.”

It’s a heroic effort that will never be forgotten.

Kunkel says “She just knows so many people and we’re so grateful of all the support we’ve gotten through this ordeal. I’m sure we wouldn’t have survived without everyone.” …..

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