November 29, 2007

Couldn’t Help But Notice (112907)

Keith Kerr and his slip through CNN’s poor pre-screening at last night’s GOP debate is THE story of the moment. He is the Hillary supporter (scroll down) who is a member of her “LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee,” a member of the anti-”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Servicemembers’ Legal Defense Network’s advisory council, and, per Wizbang, part of the National Veterans for Kerry Steering Committee in 2004 (scroll down in alpha order).

Not exactly an “independent” voter.

This is the kind of stuff, especially following similar verified Clinton campaign question-planting stories, that could very well break out past the involved 15% and become more widely known — if it hasn’t already.

The larger point here is that Hillary and her acolytes, including her husband, are trying to win a 2007-2008 campaign using tactics that worked in 1992 and 1996. How dumb is Bill to think no one would check this? Even the usually Clinton-friendly Ron Fournier of the Associated Press wouldn’t cover for him.

It’s a totally different media environment, Clintonistas. Your friends in Old Media may try to cover for you, but while they still dominate, they don’t have the ironclad control the news cycle they once did (even Fournier recognizes there are new limits).

If Mrs. Clinton and her husband keep this up, she will lose — if not the nomination, the general election. It may even be (emphasis may) that the ship has already taken on too much water, but that we (and they) just don’t recognize it yet.

Joe Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign ended with a controversy over one plagiarized speech. In a world with a fair and balanced Old Media campaign press corps, the accumulation of the planting stories would be ending Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy right about now.


Speaking of old tactics not working (bold is mine):

November 26 (BBC) — Iraq journalist’s family killed

An Iraqi journalist who lives in Jordan has said that 11 members of his family have been killed by Shia gunmen in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Dia al-Kawwaz said his two sisters, their husbands, and seven children were shot at the family home on Sunday.

The police in Baghdad have not confirmed the attack, but one officer told the BBC the killings had occurred.


November 28 (AFP) — Family blasts Iraqi newsman over claims they were killed

So the BBC has its own Jamil Hussein.


This isn’t necessarily victory (HT Don Surber, who thinks it is, via Instapundit). But it sure as bleep means Harry “The War Is Lost” Reid was wrong, and remains wrong.


In advance of today’s government report on Gross Domestic Product, which is expected to report that third-quarter growth was over 4.5%, instead of the 3.9% originally estimated a month ago, the New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune stokes the recession talk.

Bloomberg (last para at link) expects 4.9%.


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