December 4, 2007

Couldn’t Help But Notice (120407)

They said if George Bush was re-elected president that powerful people would dig into your past to see what you were doing in the third grade, or even kindergartenand they were right.

And this is really dumb:

New polling shows Hillary Clinton may have dropped to second in Iowa behind Barack Obama, so now the pro-abortion New York senator has decided to go on the attack. She’s blasting her Illinois colleague on the issue of abortion and claming she’s done more to advance the pro-abortion cause.

In an Iowa stop on Monday, Clinton sought to portray Obama as someone who talks a tough game on promoting abortion but hasn’t advocated it to the same extent as her.

I realize the link is to Life News and that it’s not a quote, but it’s nonetheless clear that Mrs. Clinton has embarked on an “I’m more pro-abort than you” strategy. Even the most ardent pro-aborts have to be uncomfortable with that, as it easily conjures up a vision of who can stack bodies up the highest. What ever happened to the “safe, but rare” formulation?


Chavez lost his grab for permanent power by a 51-49 margin. If it weren’t for fear, he would have lost by more.

The New York Times failed to note that point, even as it quoted one such fearful person near the end of its “analysis”:

For Mr. Chávez’s followers, meanwhile, the outcome of the referendum has forced some to take stock, uncomfortably, of their own loyalties.

Pedro Luis Urbina, a 33-year-old bus driver from the gritty district of El Valle who described himself as a loyal “Chavista,” said he had voted in favor of the proposals, despite disagreeing with them. The reason, Mr. Urbina said, was that he feared losing a government loan he had received to start his own small public transportation business.


This IBD editorial is the anti-CAIR:

In 2006, a whopping 66% of religiously motivated attacks were on Jews, while just 11% targeted Muslims, even though the Jewish and Muslim populations are similar in size. Catholics and Protestants, who together account for 9% of victims, are subject to almost as much abuse as Muslims in this country.

Last year’s anti-Islamic hate crimes totaled 156. While just one hate crime is one too many, that’s a 68% drop from 2001.


Ford broke a string of 12 consecutive months of reduced unit sales, and eked out a 0.6% increase in November vs. a year ago. The company, which was number 2 in the US just a year ago, saw ts 183,000 in unit sales trail Toyota’s by over 14,000. Still, give the folks in Dearborn a little credit, as both GM and Chrysler were down.


Apple’s newest operating system, Leopard, is described in less-than-glowing terms by PC Magazine’s Oliver Rist. Considerably less than glowing:

Leopard is the new Vista. All the way.


Rist comes up with five pretty convincing reasons why. Informal conversations with several people who have upgraded give me the impression that Apple has a real problem on its hands. I for one am not upgrading for a while.


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