December 18, 2007

SOBer Thoughts (121807)

MAKING THE ROUNDS of what I believe is the largest single-state blog alliance in the USA:


It’s Alo at Brain Shavings vs. Joseph at Plunderbund on the desirability of market-driven, results-oriented private schools. With commenter reinforcement, it’s an Alo rout. Further reinforcements are welcome.


As usual, Patrick Poole is on top of a terrorism story with Central Ohio connections.


Ben Keeler was impressed with the Fred Thompson mailing about “Huckabee University — Illegals Welcome.”


Maggie Thurber is glad that the City of Toledo’s lawsuit against lead paint manufacturers, which sought punitive damages for producing a then-legal product, was dismissed. As am I.


Freedom’s Right fears, with justification, that Ohio’s Secretary of State is laying the foundation for making Ohio 2008 the equivalent of Florida 2000.


Speaking of playing with electionsGribbit notes that, absent screening that apparently doesn’t normally take place, Iowa caucus participants may not even be from Iowa. His post and the underlying Fox News story are about possible fixing by Democratic candidates, because:

….. the rules governing who can participate in a caucus technically include recent residents who may leave the state immediately afterward.

….. One campaign listing showed that 51 of the 115 people on the staff of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Iowa campaign are registered to vote in the state, and that 91 of the 131 people working for John Edwards in the state are registered to vote in Iowa.

Another listing showed that 42 staffers working for Barack Obama’s campaign have registered to vote in the state, many in the last six months or so.

….. (for Democrats) Technically, a campaign staffer who moved to Iowa a few months ago to work for a campaign and is not breaking the law by attending a precinct caucus, even if the staffer plans to move on the morning of Jan. 4

What possible reason, besides tampering, would there be for a non-Iowa resident working for a campaign to register to vote?

Geez, the Dems even let people register to vote on the spot without requiring any proof of residency.

But the GOP also allows same-day registration. Though it requires documented proof of residency like a utility bill, I don’t see how this stops anyone who has worked for a campaign for several months and rents an apartment, with no intention of staying in the state, from jumping into a caucus.

Iowans of both parties should be alarmed. All that free “first in the nation” pub and visibility will be flushed down the tubes in 2012 if it is shown that the candidates could, and did, game the situation in 2008.


Lead Us Forward notes that “The New Hampshire affiliate of the National Education Association has endorsed Mike Huckabee as their GOP candidate in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.” That would seem to be more of an act of sabotage than an endorsement.


Liberally Conservative goes after the There shall be open bordersWall Street Journal’s economics uber alles approach to immigration, so I don’t have to.


Pain Dealer picks up on the beyond-outrageous Mark Steyn situation with Canada’s Thought Police, which bears close scrutiny. Where the bleep is Stephen Harper in all of this?


Porkopolis notes the debut of, “a single searchable website ….. for each Federal award.” It’s blogrolled.


Scott Pullins is unhappy that Rolls Royce isn’t going to locate a plant in Knox County. The company cites the supposedly better education system in Virginia. Maybe it is, but Scott thinks it’s Ohio’s tax structure. I would tend to agree, especially considering the CAT, which should be killed. This is, in my opinion, not the first, nor will it be the last economic hit for which the Commercial Activities Tax should be blamed.


Everyone in IT knows how powerful default settings are in driving computer use and user behavior. Justin at Right on the Right shows that the insufferable moonbats at Google do too.


Taxman Blog picks up a health care insight at the post office.


Return of the Conservatives explains why Hillary is flying all over Iowa in a Hill-a-copter. Go there to see the punch line.



  1. It looks to me like you would be trying to distance yourself from Patrick Poole (see my url). What about all the funding of Israeli terrorism through our universities, industries and government? What about the accessibility of assault rifles to teenage punks that you neocons insist they have a right to, even if it’s to perpetrate terrorism at our malls, churches and schools? Or is “terrorism” only “terrorism” if it has an Arabic face. This is RACISM. My last question, why don’t you and Patrick Poole enlist? They grant age waivers, hell, they’ll even give you a weight waiver nowadays. Or like Patrick, do you cave when confrontation might come at you face-to-face?

    Comment by Tammy Obeidallah — December 18, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

  2. #1, It looks to me like you would be trying to distance yourself from Patrick Poole.

    Yeah, I gotta admit Tammy, you’re such a mindreader. (/sarcasm)

    As to the rest, zzzzz…..

    Comment by TBlumer — December 18, 2007 @ 3:07 pm

  3. Uh oh. Tammy (aka Intifadagirl) is off her Lithium again, I see.

    It is a curious question she poses, one she apparently has failed to ask herself. You’re such a terror enthusiast, praising HAMAS and Hezbollah safely behind the confines of your keyboard, but why haven’t you strapped on a suicide belt yourself, Tammy? They are even taking applications from women now. Or do you only applaud when someone else takes out a pizzashop full of Jewish teenagers? Afraid to do it yourself? Apparently so.

    As for confrontation, I’ve already publicly accepted your offer to sue me. Please, go ahead! The ball is entirely in your court. Or maybe your buddy Mahmoud is having second thoughts? Or perhaps he remembered how he got pwned on his last lawsuit.

    Lithium is your friend, Tammy. Time to go back to him.

    Comment by Patrick Poole — December 18, 2007 @ 4:00 pm

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