January 3, 2008

Iowa Gives Us 2008′s Early Winner of the John Connally/Phil Gramm Award

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This was written in August after the Iowa Straw Poll (story on those results is here):

Will Mitt Romney be the John Connally of our age?

Y’all remember John Connally, right? Nixon’s Secretary of the Treasury, he’s notable in election lore for spending $11 million running in 1980 and gaining a single delegate. Another famous party-switcher and Texas, Phil Gramm, did John one better in 1996, spending more than $20 million, tying Bob Dole for first place in the Iowa straw poll, finishing 5th in the Iowa caucus, and pulling out before New Hampshire.

Is Mitt Romney destined to be the next Connally and Gramm? Romney and his flacks did the morning talk show circuit today, claiming that their candidate’s win in the Iowa straw poll is a “big start” and is “not hollow.” When you have to claim a first place finish is “not hollow,” you know you’re in trouble.

The Washington Post quotes one campaign official who estimates that Romney spent more than $7 million in Iowa, and in so doing, beat out such GOP heavyweights as Mike Huckabee, Sam Brownback, and Tom Tancredo ….

Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney spent $7 million to win 4,516 straws in August. That’s over $1,500 per straw.

Romney has, I believe, spent another estimated $10 million since then. Tonight, as of this writing, he garnered only 25% of Iowa’s estimated 80,000 – 90,000 caucusing Republicans. Using 85,000 as the midpoint, those 21,250 or so votes cost over $470 each.

(Jan. 4 Update: GOP turnout was really a stunning 120,000-plus, and Romney’s 25% of the vote is about 30,600 votes, or over $325 per vote. Aside: I wonder if this bodes well in any way for the general election?)

Future generations may be nominating presidential candidates for the Mitt Romney Most-Money, Least-Results award. Phil Gramm and John Connally, may he rest in peace, may turn out to have been relative pikers.

As Green Mountain Politics said on December 7:

If Mitt loses Iowa to Huckabee it will be an unmitigated disaster for Team Romney.

I don’t see how it can be anything but that.

My own reax to Romney’s second-place beatdown? This is about right:

So is this from AP:

Romney sought to frame his defeat as something less than that, saying he had trailed Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, by more than 20 points a few weeks ago. “I’ve been pleased that I’ve been able to make up ground and I intend to keep making up ground, not just here but across the country,” he said.

The words were brave, but already, his strategy of bankrolling a methodical campaign in hopes of winning the first two states was in tatters – and a rejuvenated McCain was tied with him in the polls in next-up New Hampshire.

Oh, and I do believe that Fred is not dead.

Now it’s on to New Hampshire, supposedly a good place for Romney because it’s in Massachusetts’s back yard. I would suggest that it will be a rough place for Romney because it’s in Massachusetts’s back yard.

I believe the Mass Resistance folks (who, do not doubt it for a minute, played an important role in taking down Romney’s Iowa numbers) have a surprise or two for the Mittster in the “Live Free or Die” state. It’s their back yard too.

On the Dem side, Obama pulled away, finishing ahead of Edwards and third-place, no longer Mrs. Inevitable (oh, that was fun to type) Hillary Clinton. As of this writing, it looks like it will end up 37.5% – 30% – 29.5%.


UPDATE: The Dem result is a thoroughly deserved humiliation of former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, who ended his presidential bid very early, and threw his support to Hillary. It serves him right for being such a jerk (fourth item at link) on eminent-domain reform.

One More Time: Why Is It ‘Objectively Unfit Mitt’?

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6PM Update: From WorldNetDaily coverage of this and other matters in “The Letter” from profamily leaders –

The Romney campaign repeatedly has declined to respond to WND requests for comment on such issues, including a failure to respond to multiple requests for a one-on-one interview in which the candidate would have been allowed to give his definitive perspective of the issues being raised.

Because he HAS no “definitive perspective” on these and other issues, except to hope that they aren’t brought up before the general voting public, or enough of it.


The following excerpts and slightly revises portions of two previous posts (here and here).

It demonstrates that Willard Mitt Romney’s extra-constitutional, oath-breaking actions relating to the imposition of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts make him — objectively — unfit to serve as president.


Under Massachusetts’s Constitution, originally authored by John Adams, court rulings (or opinions) are not ‘obeyed’ by the legislature or the governor (or the entire executive branch), because judges cannot order the two elected branches around. Court rulings are ‘orders’ when issued to private individuals or corporations — IF the court has jurisdiction.

This is not arguable.

In fact, under the Massachusetts Constitution, the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) didn’t even have the jurisdiction to take the Goodridge same-sex marriage case, and violated THEIR oaths of office by doing so, as the December 2006 Joint Letter to Governor Mitt Romney from Pro-Family Leaders” pointed out (link is to a former PDF converted to HTML, with text but not all formatting intact, at BizzyBlog’s host):


The Definitive Pre-Caucus Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Index

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Jan. 3 External post update: “Romney’s Flip-Flop on Civil Unions.” — It never stops, does it?

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Positivity: His daughter, the angel

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From Marshall, Minnesota:

December 24, 2007

Paul Nelson of Tyler said he’s always had a close relationship with his daughter, Marquett, but this holiday season he said the bond between them has grown even stronger.

Two days after Thanksgiving, while cleaning a tractor bailer on his farm near Tyler, Paul Nelson got his arm stuck in the machine.

“I saw a couple corn stalks; I jumped up on the tire to reach across the belts and knock the corn stalks out,” Paul Nelson said. “As I did that my coat got sucked into the belts, I fought back — my arm and elbow went. It was pulling me in and I had to fight back.”

SOBer Thoughts (010308)

MAKING THE ROUNDS of what I believe is the largest single-state blog alliance in the USA:


Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion thinks that if George Voinovich wants to increase his visibility in the state, he needs to be visiting Ohio’s counties himself, not just sending out staff members. That should be obvious.

He also catches the Columbus Dispatch using the false premise technique to underplay the significance of tort reform.


Maggie Thurber wonders how the Toledo Public Schools can justify spending time monitoring the diversity practices of banks they do business with. So do I.


Ohio Conservative predicts that Ted Strickland will be Hillary Clinton’s running mate if she is the Democratic nominee. Not if Ohio’s economy doesn’t improve, and not if Ted doesn’t stop criticizing the nomination process when such criticisms are of no current value and work to hurt Mrs. Clinton.


One Oar notes that Charlie Wilson has filed for re-election in OH-06.

You would think that Mr. “Monumental Evidence That the Surge Is Working” should be satisfied now. Has anyone asked him?


Smoke If You Got ‘Em blogs on a story about how a French physicist who doesn’t buy into globaloney (the name around here for the “global warming/climate change” nonsense) calling Al Gore a crook — specifically, one who is “presiding over an eco-business that pumps out cash.” Bingo.


Taxman Blog has another reason why the death penalty needs to exist.


Nix has news on the potentially nasty implications of a move by Dennis Kucinich, and general Democratic activist dislike of her, on Hillary’s prospects in the Iowa caucuses tonight. We’ll see.


Nasty Brutish & Short predicts this for the Democrats in OH-02: “(Steve) Black loses in the primary. And (Vic) Wulsin, without a disaster in Iraq to campaign against, loses in the general.”


Lead Us Forward has a great US map tracking what the polls would predict for delegate counts at the GOP convention. You’re going to have to click to see who’s winning.


Cornell McCleary says that Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman has “return(ed) to power but fall(en) from grace.”


Interested-Participant has a list (scroll down to 01/01/08 at 4:03 p.m. if necessary) of new laws that went into effect on 01-01-08. On balance, I’d say the illegal immigrant-protecting Nanny State gained.


Patrick Poole at Central Ohioans Against Terrorism has the strangest pair of bedfell …. Ick. Just go see. To be fair, One Oar’s Brian Duffy believes this is a deliberate attempt to discredit the presidential candidate involved, and not a legitimate or desired endorsement.

Patrick also bids a “fond” farewell to a Columbus Islamic extremist, who is leaving for the friendlier environs of Dubai. At least the guy didn’t blame his departure on “bloggers,” as someone else did (see Update 5 at link).