January 3, 2008

Positivity: His daughter, the angel

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From Marshall, Minnesota:

December 24, 2007

Paul Nelson of Tyler said he’s always had a close relationship with his daughter, Marquett, but this holiday season he said the bond between them has grown even stronger.

Two days after Thanksgiving, while cleaning a tractor bailer on his farm near Tyler, Paul Nelson got his arm stuck in the machine.

“I saw a couple corn stalks; I jumped up on the tire to reach across the belts and knock the corn stalks out,” Paul Nelson said. “As I did that my coat got sucked into the belts, I fought back — my arm and elbow went. It was pulling me in and I had to fight back.”

He said his daughter, who was with him at the time, was hysterical as she watched her father in the machine.

“My daughter, who is 13 years old, was yelling and saw the blood and was freaked out,” he said. “I hollered at her to turn the tractor bailer off which she has done a thousand times.”

Paul Nelson said his daughter tried a few times to stop the machine, but the situation was difficult for her.

Knowing he needed to help calm her down to control the situation, Paul Nelson said he thought back to his time in high school at Tyler.

“I remembered something from school when I went to Tyler High School dealing with first aid,” he said. “When you’re in a situation like this you have to get the whole situation calmed down or nothing is going to happen.”

After some time he, said Marquett was able to calm down and focus to make sure he could get out.

“Pretty soon I got her calmed down, I told her it wasn’t as bad as it looks and turning off the bailer is something she’s done a thousand times,” said Paul Nelson. …..

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