January 15, 2008

The Three Stooges (Michigan GOP) Primary (Update: And the Winner Is ….. Apathy!)

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As of 9:20 p.m., per Drudge:

Larry Mitt Romney — 37%
Moe McCain — 31%
Curly Huckabee — 17%

Romney has been projected the winner. The question is how close the margin will be, and how much of it he owes to the Kossacks.

Update: The numbers at 12:45 a.m., with 100% counted had Larry, Moe, and Curly at 39-30-16, respectively.

So now that the Three Stooges have had their fun in an open primary of relatively little importance (and — see below — pitiful turnout), it’s on to a state with, as I understand it, rules that work to ensure that real Republicans vote in the primary. I predict a bit less hospitality will be forthcoming to at least one of the Three Stooges — and I’m sure you can guess which one.


UPDATE, 12:30 a.m., Jan. 16: Betcha nobody else has brought up what I’m about to cover, and they have a 4-hour head start on me.

Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney didn’t win. Apathy did — and by a very wide margin.

Now I realize that this chart uses a percentage of the entire population (not just 18 and over), and that New Hampshire more than likely has a higher percentage of registered Republicans than Michigan. But those factors don’t change the overall huge point this chart illustrates (the chart used available info I had for 96% of the NH vote from this post last week and estimated what the final totals were, and 100% of MI):


Romney got a much, much lower percentage of Michiganders to vote for him that he got to do so in New Hampshire. Some “victory.” More like “BFD.”

Why such apathy? How about the lack of a genuine conservative candidate who put forth an effort to win in Michigan?

Who, between Larry, Moe, and Curly, is going to be able to draw out otherwise apathetic conservatives in South Carolina, or for that matter in the later primaries? The biggest thing Mitt Romney proved tonight that is that he couldn’t do it, even in his “home” state. McCain clearly faltered badly tonight, and Huckabee has laid nothing but goose eggs since Iowa.

For now, the bettors have what they think is the answer to that question. On Saturday, South Carolina’s voters will tell us. I get the sense that they are not amused by the Three Stooges.

Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Roundup (011508): Dean Barnett’s NY Times Column

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Today’s “Roundup” has but one entry. It deserves a post of its own, so it’s getting one.

Dean Barnett, now of the Weekly Standard and, until late last year, a co-blogger at Hugh Hewitt’s place, has a piece in the New York Times, which is apparently the venue of choice for Hewitt (e.g., his Harriet Miers nomination blow-up whine; my post on it at the time is here) and now his acolytes to vent their spleen.

Barnett tries to tell us (HT EyeOn08 via a Gregg Jackson e-mail) that:

  • Objectively Unfit Mitt is a great guy and a great leader; it’s just that his campaign is lousy.
  • That he should have been concentrating on his experience as a robber baron businessman, and not on social issues, where he’s perceived as insincere (you don’t say?).
  • That he wants to be president out of a sense of duty, not out of personal ambition.

Stop it, Dean. You’re killing me.

Read the whole thing. Though woefully incomplete, it is still a devastating critique. A quick look over at Hewitt’s place indicates that he is apparently unavailable for comment on his former co-blogger’s contingency plans to leave the reservation.

I for one will take Barnett more seriously when he apologizes for calling Brian Camenker and Mass Resistance purveyors of “homophobia” and “undiluted hatred,” instead of the heroic truth-tellers and coal-mine canaries they have been for years.

It’s this simple, Dean, and Hugh, and all of you others who have been putting lipstick on this pig for almost a year — Romney’s social conservative claims ring hollow because Mass Resistance and others have shown beyond doubt that they are hollow.


UPDATE: EyeOn08 also caught the essence of the Romney campaign, and in my opinion of Romney the politician, in this Politico story:

A well-publicized weekend photo-op for Mitt Romney turns out to have been missing a piece of information that might have undermined its credibility: the unemployed single mom at the center of the event was the mother of a Romney staffer.

….. In introducing (Elizabeth) Sachs, Romney discussed the economic difficulties in the community and described the particular plight of his hostess — but made no mention of her ties to his campaign.

“It means a real tough setting for a mom with two sons,” Romney said. “One son is still in high school. Another son [is] getting ready to go off into the police academy in the west.”

Ironically, when it came time to take questions from the reporters gathered around Sachs’ kitchen table, Romney joked: “If you don’t want to answer any questions, that’s fine, too. What I’ve learned is, if they ask a question, you can answer something else.”

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Journalist Moving from Paper to ACLU: A ‘Continuation of Her Work’

This isn’t The Onion; it’s for real (HT Hot Air; bold after title is mine):

Sun, Jan. 13, 2008

Burke named executive director of ACLU in Texas

Terri Burke, former editor of the Abilene Reporter-News, has been named executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.

Burke, 56, will begin work at the ACLU of Texas on Tuesday. Her duties will include lobbying, fundraising, administering the organization and communicating with the public.

Burke said her new job seems like a continuation of her work in the newspaper business.

"I wanted to be a journalist because I thought journalism was a way to further the democratic process," Burke said. "At its heart, journalism is about the First Amendment. All my life, I’ve been interested in those kinds of issues."

I will suggest that no one in Old Media will think of Burke’s move as the least bit odd.

Funny, that’s not how they saw it in 1998 when the late David Brinkley retired and became a spokesman for a large corporation.

Here’s how the New York Times’s Brinkley obituary in 2003 described the reaction to his post-retirement move (bolds are mine):

In 1998, he surprised many of his admirers in the news business when he agreed to become a spokesman for Archer Daniels Midland, the agribusiness giant. He had retired from ABC only months earlier. Archer had gotten itself into serious difficulty with the federal government in 1996, paying a $100 million fine for the price fixing of food and feed additives.

Some of the most esteemed figures in television news, including Cronkite, the retired CBS News correspondent and anchor, expressed reservations and puzzlement, since representing a corporation appeared to be in conflict with Brinkley’s image of independence as a newsman.

When the commercial turned up only on the program that Brinkley had just retired from, ABC pulled the ad, but it reinstated it a few months later.

Isn’t Terri Burke’s in conflict with her "image of independence" as a newsperson, and call into question the fairness and balance in her coverage of First Amendment and criminal defense matters during her career? Or does "independence" only become an issue when an ex-newsperson becomes a spokesperson for an eeeeevil capitalist company or an unfavored cause?

Cross-posted at NewsBusters.org.

Midnight Message for Michigan on (Objectively Unfit) Mitt

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Back in October, over a month before I concluded that Mitt Romney is objectively unfit to be president, on account of his illegal, unilateral, and totally non-mandated imposition of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, I wrote this (fourth item at link) on his attempt at universal health care in the Bay State:

Let me be the first to say it: It’s becoming painfully clear that Mitt RomneyCare in Massachusetts is blowing up, and will get nothing but worse between now and November 2008. If he’s the nominee, he’ll be playing the same game Michael Dukakis played unsuccessfully in 1988 — covering up the Bay State’s disastrous financial situation. Except this time, the other party controls the Governor’s Office. Deval Patrick will gleefully point to the mess he has inherited, and will then tout HillaryCare II as the “better, more comprehensive” solution.

For this reason alone, I believe that Mitt Romney should NOT be the GOP nominee. Period.

The part about RomneyCare blowing up — even earlier than I predicted — was shown in this post (“The RomneyCare Crackup Is Arriving Early”) last week. Costs are threatening to spiral out of control, and punitive fines of $912 – $1,824 are going to be imposed during 2008 on those who would rather not participate in what a fawning Associated Press reporter described as a “grand experiment.”

Now, as Michael Cannon at National Review Online notes (hey, didn’t those guys endorse Romney?), the HillaryCare II part of my prediction is already beginning to coalesce. And that’s also coming earlier than I predicted:

Positivity: Snowmobiling Christians rescued after weekend search, prayer vigil

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From Southern Colorado (audio and videos are also available at the link):

January 8, 2008

Monday’s discovery and rescue of two families who were snowmobiling in Colorado was literally an answer to prayer and the search efforts of listeners to a southwest radio station group that called for action on their behalf.

News outlets reported the disappearance of two New Mexico couples and two teenage children in southern Colorado’s snowy mountains Friday just as a powerful rain and snow storm hit the western United States. Then the media reported their subsequent rescue on Monday from an abandoned train station.

According to New Mexico Christian radio station KPCL owner Fareed Ayoub, the families were the Groen family of Bloomfield — known Christians and supporters of the station — and their guests, the Martin family. “They have four children, all the kids are Christian as well, [and] I know their faith kept them together,” the Farmington radio station owner comments.

Ayoub says the best part of the story is that station listeners responded to a weekend request for experienced snowmobilers to join in the official search-and-rescue effort, and to an on-air prayer campaign that started Monday morning, after concern that the families had not yet been found.

Go here for the rest of the story.