January 15, 2008

Midnight Message for Michigan on (Objectively Unfit) Mitt

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Back in October, over a month before I concluded that Mitt Romney is objectively unfit to be president, on account of his illegal, unilateral, and totally non-mandated imposition of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, I wrote this (fourth item at link) on his attempt at universal health care in the Bay State:

Let me be the first to say it: It’s becoming painfully clear that Mitt RomneyCare in Massachusetts is blowing up, and will get nothing but worse between now and November 2008. If he’s the nominee, he’ll be playing the same game Michael Dukakis played unsuccessfully in 1988 — covering up the Bay State’s disastrous financial situation. Except this time, the other party controls the Governor’s Office. Deval Patrick will gleefully point to the mess he has inherited, and will then tout HillaryCare II as the “better, more comprehensive” solution.

For this reason alone, I believe that Mitt Romney should NOT be the GOP nominee. Period.

The part about RomneyCare blowing up — even earlier than I predicted — was shown in this post (“The RomneyCare Crackup Is Arriving Early”) last week. Costs are threatening to spiral out of control, and punitive fines of $912 – $1,824 are going to be imposed during 2008 on those who would rather not participate in what a fawning Associated Press reporter described as a “grand experiment.”

Now, as Michael Cannon at National Review Online notes (hey, didn’t those guys endorse Romney?), the HillaryCare II part of my prediction is already beginning to coalesce. And that’s also coming earlier than I predicted:

As he campaigns for the White House, Mitt Romney has had to tap dance around the health-care reforms he enacted while governor of Massachusetts. The first bit of bad news was that the plan’s cost was higher than predicted. Then it reneged on its commitment to cover the uninsured. But the latest bit of news about “RomneyCare” may require even fancier footwork.

The Left is now thanking Romney for making HillaryCare respectable again.

….. If I were advising Sen. Clinton, I would be urging her to boast that her approach to health-care reform enjoys support from conservatives like the Heritage Foundation and Gov. Romney. If I were advising Gov. Romney, I would prescribe a severe case of amnesia and a health-care agenda that actually reduces the role of government.

Read the whole thing, and you’ll say along with me, “Thanks, Mitt. What a nitwit.”

I didn’t think any of this would happen until the summer, but thank goodness it’s happening early enough for GOP primary voters to (hopefully) see the light. Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, and other early-primary voters can’t pretend that they didn’t know what’s coming if Mitt Romney somehow ascends to the Oval Office — unless they’re not paying close enough attention. That’s why it’s up to readers to send readers to Cannon’s article — and of course, to this comprehensive BizzyBlog index containing all posts to date on Objectively Unfit Mitt.


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