January 15, 2008

Positivity: Snowmobiling Christians rescued after weekend search, prayer vigil

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From Southern Colorado (audio and videos are also available at the link):

January 8, 2008

Monday’s discovery and rescue of two families who were snowmobiling in Colorado was literally an answer to prayer and the search efforts of listeners to a southwest radio station group that called for action on their behalf.

News outlets reported the disappearance of two New Mexico couples and two teenage children in southern Colorado’s snowy mountains Friday just as a powerful rain and snow storm hit the western United States. Then the media reported their subsequent rescue on Monday from an abandoned train station.

According to New Mexico Christian radio station KPCL owner Fareed Ayoub, the families were the Groen family of Bloomfield — known Christians and supporters of the station — and their guests, the Martin family. “They have four children, all the kids are Christian as well, [and] I know their faith kept them together,” the Farmington radio station owner comments.

Ayoub says the best part of the story is that station listeners responded to a weekend request for experienced snowmobilers to join in the official search-and-rescue effort, and to an on-air prayer campaign that started Monday morning, after concern that the families had not yet been found.

Go here for the rest of the story.


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