January 16, 2008

Couldn’t Help But Notice (011608)

Obviously, Alan Greenspan and the hedge-fund firm he is joining don’t particularly care about the appearing to be independent, or conveying the impression that they have access to insider information. In fact, that is probably going to be one of the firm’s selling points.


There are thugs, dictators, horrible multiple murderers, and depraved people all around, but Keith Olbermann earlier this week decided that someone else should be his nominee for “Worst Person in the World”:

No, according to Keith Olbermann — that blinkered liberal extremist who plays a newsman on TV — Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), is “the worst person in the world.”

While discussing abstinence education during a recent interview on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Wright accurately pointed out that the most strident devotees of that abysmal failure tagged “comprehensive sex education” are most likely to benefit financially when children and teens become pregnant or contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Well they are, Keith.

It gets better, as Olbermann tried a “joke” that actually reflects an unfunny reality:

Toward the end of his decidedly obtuse monologue, Olbermann — whose joke writer is also apparently on strike — smugly quipped, “And the condoms the sex educators keep trying to make available to the kids, those are for what … water balloons?”

Well, Pinfeather, yes, in fact. That’s precisely what kids are using them for. Take the African AIDS epidemic. As CWA reported a few years back, Dr. Margaret Angola of Kenya testified at two United Nations conferences that, “‘family planners’ have put so many condoms into Kenya that the children use them as balloons and play with them in the streets.”

Tragically, we all know how “comprehensive sex education” has worked-out in Africa.

Unfortunately, it’s no better right here at home.


From the “Where’s the outrage?” file

California wants to control home thermostats

Next year in California, state regulators are likely to have the emergency power to control individual thermostats, sending temperatures up or down through a radio-controlled device that will be required in new or substantially modified houses and buildings to manage electricity shortages.

….. The changes would allow utilities to adjust customers’ preset temperatures when the price of electricity is soaring. Customers could override the utilities’ suggested temperatures. But in emergencies, the utilities could override customers’ wishes.

Final approval is expected next month.

Rush made the excellent point last week that the state could declare “global warming” an emergency, and that “emergency” would become a permanent condition. If that were to happen, expect a run on relatively inefficient room air conditioners and, in colder areas, space heaters.

How does Schwarzenegger see this and not stop it?


Ho hum hiring headline — Columbus, Georgia, has heard about the possibility of a recession, and has decided not to participate:

(There are) major projects in the development pipeline that should ease any economic ills that come the city’s way this year, and virtually makes it immune from a downturn over the next five years.

Supplemental insurer Aflac, headquartered in Columbus, is in the middle of an expansion that should add 2,000 jobs, while the Kia auto assembly plant in nearby West Point will begin hiring the first of 2,500 workers this year. Another 3,000 auto supplier jobs are anticipated in the region.

The thick icing on the cake is the congressional Base Realignment and Closure process that ordered the U.S. Army Armor School be moved from Fort Knox, Ky., to Fort Benning. It will generate about 10,000 jobs on the local post and 5,000 off post.


Hot Air put on the hazmat suit, headed over to the Huffington Post, and found someone who wrote a column about the death of Ann Coulter’s dad — and used it as an occasion to tastelessly bash her. No, I’m not linking over to HuffPo.


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