January 28, 2008

The Latest Comprehensive Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Index

CORE POST, Jan. 3 — One More Time: Why Is It “Objectively Unfit Mitt”?

Hot Off the Presses and Other Important Recent Items:
- Jan 28 (external), CNS News — “Massachusetts Health Care Costs Skyrocket” (RomneyCare implosion continues)
- Jan 28 (external), insidecatholic.com — “Why I Don’t Trust Mitt Romney” (money quote: “For a lot of people, especially Christian conservatives, it’s one of those black and white issues. You’re either pro-life or not. That’s the trouble with Governor Romney — he’s gray.”)
- Jan. 14 (external) — The Mitt Romney YouTube Boxed Set — 22 different vids on the various dark sides of Romney
- Jan. 14 (external) — Michael Medved: “Romney the Weakest Candidate”

Previous Two Weeks’ Collection:
- Jan. 24 — The Bob Taft vs. Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney “Face-off”
- Jan. 23 — Romney Roundup (012308)
- Jan. 19 — On Objectionably Unfit Mitt Romney, Peter Robinson Makes the Closing Argument
- Jan. 18 — Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Roundup (011808)
- Jan. 17 — Romnian Semantics
- Jan. 17 — Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Roundup (011708)
- Jan. 16 — Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Roundup (011608)
- Jan. 15 — GOP Michigan Primary Update — The Three Stooges
- Jan. 15 — The Three Stooges (Michigan GOP) Primary (Update: And the Winner Is …. Apathy!)
- Jan. 15 — Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Roundup (011508): Dean Barnett’s NY Times Column

- Jan. 15 — Midnight Message for Michigan on (Objectively Unfit) Mitt (A Model for HillaryCare II)
- Jan. 7 — The RomneyCare Crackup Is Arriving Early (Heavy Fines and Rationing)
- Oct. 18 — The Coming RomneyCare crackup (fourth item at link)

“Romney, the Courts, and the Constitutions” (RC&C), and Gay Marriage:
- Jan. 10 — Mitt Romney Calls Gregg Jackson “Delusional”; What Does That Make Romney?
- Received Jan. 7, External post — Did Mitt Romney Break the Law?
- Jan. 7 — A Miracle: Someone in the Media Gets It On Objectively Unfit Mitt
- Jan. 3 — One More Time: Why Is It “Objectively Unfit Mitt”?
- Jan. 1 — Romney’s Crunch-Time Choke Game Fix on Same-Sex Marriage
- Nov. 26 — Index to RC&C Posts and “Cliff’s Notes” Explanations
- Nov. 21 — RC&C Part 1 — Abortion Coverage in RomneyCare
- Nov. 21 — RC&C Part 2 — Mitt Romney and Same-Sex Marriage
- Nov. 23 — RC&C Part 3 — Various Excerpts, Statements, and Comments
- Nov. 24 — RC&C Part 4 — What’s Beck Got to Do with It?
- Nov. 25 — RC&C Part 5 — The Next President and the Courts

Tax- and Econ-related Posts:
- Jan. 14 External link — The American Spectator, “Mitt’s Mythical ‘Mass. Miracle’”
- Jan. 7 – Excuse Me? NH Workers/Voters Fleeced by Objectively Unfit Massachusetts Mitt. And Now He Wants Their Vote?
- Jan. 7 — Unfit Mitt’s Economic Performance as MA Gov Makes Mike Dukakis Look Good
- Jan. 2 — On Romney’s Personal Financial Disclosures, Iranian Disinvestment, and Sino-Russian Oil Companies (a mind-swaying must-read!)
- Jan. 1 — Romney Was a Tax-Raiser in Massachusetts
- Jan. 1 — Romney Was Against the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts Before He Was For Them

Other Posts:
- Jan. 14 — Romney Roundup (011407)
- Jan. 9 — Marc Ambinder: Romney Dark in FL, SC
- Jan. 9 — Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney’s Campaign “at Death’s Door”? Doubtful
- Jan. 8 — Last-Minute Cramming for NH GOP Voters: The REAL Mitt Romney
- Jan. 3 — Iowa Gives Us 2008′s Early Winner of the John Connally/Phil Gramm Award
- Jan. 2 — What Others are Saying, and Writing
- Jan. 2 — Romney the “Lifelong Hunter”
- Dec. 28 — Unfit Mitt Romney, Grosse Pointe-MLK, and the Push Poll
- Dec. 27 — Mitt Romney’s Head Hack Goes Over the Top
- Dec. 20 — Confederate Yankee on Romney and Guns: There’s That Word Again
- Dec. 20 — Tancredo Drops Out, Endorses Romney
- Dec. 19 — Romney, Planned Parenthood, and That 1994 Photo (Update: 1994 Research – Romney Supported Abortion Rights EXPANSION)
- Dec. 17 — Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney’s Bork Endorsement: A Very Painful Critique
- Dec. 17 — Myth Romney: On Reagan, Hyde and Abortion, His History Rewrites Are Virtually Smears
- Dec. 15 — The Real Mitt Romney ….
- Dec. 14 — Romney, the Courts, and the Constitutions: The Dam May Be Breaking
- Dec. 11 — National Review Endorses “Objectively Unfit Mitt” Romney for President; Ann Coulter Is Almost Right
- Dec. 8 — Romney in Iowa: Rattle rattle thunder clatter boom boom, ka-boom?
- Dec. 7 — The Mitt Romney Betrayal Collection
- Dec. 7 — The Paragraph from “The Speech” That Should Sink Mitt Romney
- Dec. 6 — The NY Times’s Accidental Journalism Reveals the Full Scope of Mitt Romney’s Same-Sex Marriage Deception, and His Unfitness to Be President
- Dec. 5 — The Romney Same-Sex Marriage Deception Boiled Down
- Dec. 4 — Romney to Roll Out “The Speech,” As He Questions His Own Timing
- Dec. 3 — Catch of the Day the Week Maybe the Month: Hugh Hewitt in Nov. 2003, on Goodridge and How Romney Should React
- Dec. 2 — Quote of the Day: Dean Barnett on the Need for Romney Explanations (with Index, Links, and Cliff’s Notes for “Romney, the Courts, and the Constitutions” Posts)
- Nov. 29 — Quote of the Day: Gregg Jackson on Mitt Romney
- Nov. 27 — Mitt Romney ROTFLMBO Howlers of the Day



  1. AFA is speaking for American families we are in fact tired of the TV, Radio, magizines, and media in general aiding a small minority of gay’s with totally evidents of confusion on what God created them, and who they are surpose to be.
    My great, great grand dad, came here on the Mayflower, he did not establish this country on mans laws, but the laws of God.
    My uncle worked as a manager for GM for years, he is rolling over in his grave, as is all the men that fought to keep God and HIS laws the bases of this country. Get them and island, where they will not infect our children, and youth population with their serious emotional, and immortal confusion.

    Seriously, where are the really men of GM, or have they all packed up and left.

    God Bless Americian, as He created it, as a land of freedom, HE HIMSELF laid down the laws in Scripture, and handed them to MEN.

    I nor the over 100 members of my family, yes 100 of us will not by GM at all.

    Remember word of mouth is much stronger than a billion dollar commercial. My 100 family members, tell just one person each, that is 200, and that person tells another that is 400 , get the picture.
    I was proud to have an American made vehicle, but I will soon sell it for a Europe or China. Sad, because it was once a very proud thing to do, to purchase an American made vehicle. NO MORE!

    With draw your support, reinstate pride, and the American way.

    Doreen E. Carter

    Comment by Doreen E. Carter — January 28, 2008 @ 9:17 pm

  2. I have never read a more inaccurate, shoddily fabricated piece of yellow “journalism” in my life. Well, there was “Mein Kampf” and the “Communist Manifesto”. Then again, there was that intellectual garbage from AL Gore on global warming. But other than those three, your lazily constructed cut-and-paste diatribe on Mitt Romney is just goofy. It’s nothing more than an analecta of liberal, catholic, evangelical and northeastern propaganda. I’m trying to learn about the different candidates so I can make an intelligent choice. Your religious bigotry and anti-Mormon rhetoric shows your lack of depth, intelligence and experience.

    Just yelling “Witch!” Every time you see a broom gets you nowhere, except with Hillary and the Chicken Little crowd. When you get serious, educated on the issues, and fair . . . then dial us back. Until then, whenever you have a hateful thought, just let it go.

    Comment by Kenneth Howell — January 29, 2008 @ 9:17 am

  3. #2, Kenneth Howell:

    So this is your reaction to having read an index?

    Perhaps you can answer the substantive arguments presented in the underlying posts. None of the other occasional Romney visitors has come up with anything beyond your “critique,” so you’d be the first.

    Comment by TBlumer — January 29, 2008 @ 9:35 am

  4. #2, I took the liberty of copying your comment over to the related post:


    Comment by TBlumer — January 29, 2008 @ 9:37 am

  5. When you state your own logical averments to Romney’s positions I will respond accordingly. But any six year old with a pc can cut and paste an “index” – as you call it.

    I call it “search-cut-and-paste” laziness because you have a prejudice PRIOR to any realistic study and thought.

    Original research and the corresponding conclusions are the hallmarks of free thought. Instead of listening to the snake, Eve should have thought for herself. You should do the same.

    The “occasional Romney visitors” may well answer if you had posited a coherent argument. But then, why should they bother?

    Your obvious just hate position does not impress me. Pretty, and cleverly named web sites can be just as good – or bad – as any black and white, plain 8-1/2″ by 11″ flyer.

    Substance, TBlumer, not style. Substance.

    Comment by Kenneth Howell — January 29, 2008 @ 12:14 pm

  6. #5, I’m not believing this. Are you really that obtuse?

    95%+ of what’s in the index refers to posts I myself have done since mid-November, with coherent arguments galore. Read them. Hate not included.

    The answer to my question above is “I guess so.” Zheesh.

    Comment by TBlumer — January 29, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

  7. [...] I agree with many of Bizzyblog’s points, but McCain is worse, for the nation and the [...]

    Pingback by NixGuy.com » Florida Live — January 29, 2008 @ 8:35 pm

  8. Okay, which do you want: #3 or #5. You can’t just keep putting excuses as you get beat on one and then another. Either its “just” an index, or 95% refers to your posts.

    Either the one is lazy cut-and-paste, or the other is the most “inaccurate, shoddily fabricated piece of yellow “journalism” in my life.” You can’t have both.

    Oh yeah, “obtuse”; have you seen a style guide lately? And “Zseesh”; -5 spelling incorrect, or no such word.


    Comment by Kenneth Howell — February 2, 2008 @ 7:31 pm

  9. #8, The point of an index is to give readers links to things they can read. You don’t seem to get that, and you appear not to be interested in digging in.

    You can’t validly criticize an index as “yellow journalism.” It’s an index, for cryin’ out loud. The substance is at the links. Look for the “yellow journalism” there.

    “Zheesh” is my own word. I get to invent ‘em occasionally.

    Comment by TBlumer — February 2, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

  10. You know, perhaps, that the definition of being “objective” is not putting in your 95% of “subjective” diatribe.

    Also, “com·pre·hen·sive” (as you used it, as an adjective)
    –adjective 1. of large scope; covering or involving all aspects; inclusive: a comprehensive study of world affairs.
    2. comprehending mentally; having an complete mental range or grasp.

    There is no way, by definition, that you can honestly claim
    that your “index” is a “Comprehensive Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Index.”

    Comment by Kenneth Howell — February 2, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

  11. Oh yeah, you need some commas in there.

    Comment by Kenneth Howell — February 2, 2008 @ 7:45 pm

  12. Now, I can get away with certain a “poetic license”. You sir, need to go back to school.

    Comment by Kenneth Howell — February 2, 2008 @ 7:47 pm

  13. #10, it’s a list of all posts at this blog. The last thing I thought someone would accuse me of is not being comprehensive. If I’m open to any criticism, it’s for overkill.

    Your first comment said:
    When you state your own logical averments to Romney’s positions I will respond accordingly.

    Now that you know where those “logical averments” are, you are free to respond accordingly, though you certainly don’t have to.

    The “Objectively Unfit” appellation refers to the points raised at one specific post.

    #12, yawn.

    Comment by TBlumer — February 2, 2008 @ 11:08 pm

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