February 2, 2008

TIB Saturday Night Live Post: 50 Ways to Reject Romney

Let’s have some fun on TIB tonight (click on the TIB link at Weapons of Mass Discussion).

Based on Paul Simon’s 50 ways to leave your lover


The problem’s all inside your head on Mitt Romney,
The others make you want to vote for him illogically.
I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free.
There must be fifty ways to reject Romney.

It all starts with the fact that he’s insufferably rude,
Calls critics delusional, y’know that can’t be misconstrued.
So I’ll repeat myself at the risk of being crude –
There must be fifty ways to rip Mitt Romney.
Fifty ways to reject Romney.


1. Calling Ronald Reagan “adamantly “pro-abortion.”
2. Calling Gregg Jackson delusional for daring to raise why Romney is Objectively Unfit.
3. Tolerating sanctuary cities in Massachusetts.
4. Raising fees in Massachusetts.
5. Failing to roll back the top income tax rate in Massachusetts.
6. Lying to an AP reporter about whether a lobbyist is tied to his campaign.
7. Calling Henry Hyde pro-abortion.
8. Signing on to state-run health care.
9. Leaving Massachusetts’s finances in bad shape.
10. Pretending that he left Massachusetts’s finances in good shape.
11. He was worse as governor of Massachusetts than Bob Taft was as governor of Ohio.
12. He claimed to be a “lifelong hunter,” having hunted at most a few times.
13. He pulled $20 billion out of nowhere and promised it to Michigan.
14. $50 Subsidized Abortions in RomneyCare.
15. Costs out of control in RomneyCare.
16. Huge penalties to those who don’t buy insurance in RomneyCare.
17. His hair is too perfect.
18. He is still invested in Bain Capital.
19. Other family members are still invested in Bain Capital.
20. Bain Capital is invested in Iran.
21. Bain Capital is invested in Russian Oil companies.
22. Bain Capital is invested in Chinese Communist oil companies.
23. Those Chinese and Russian oil companies Bain has invested in have made multibillion-dollar deals with Iran.
24. Mitt Romney has criticized pension funds that have invested in companies doing business with Iran.
25. Bain Capital did not increase jobs at many if not most of the companies it invested in.
26. Romney would not support the Bush tax cuts in 2003 when asked, and now claims he supported them.
27. Romney’s tax increases while governor extracted money from New Hampshire residents to balance the Bay State’s budget.
28. The dog strapped on the roof for an hours-long trip.
29. Falsely claims that he saw his father March with MLK in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
30. When it was found that his father had never done that, told everyone that it all depended on the meaning of the word “saw.”
31. At least $90 million spent.
32. At least $35 million of it from his own back pocket.
33. Romney Supported Abortion Rights EXPANSION in 1994.
34. Romney presumptively pushed aside the incumbent to attain the governorship in Massachusetts.
35. He and his campaign spread a false rumor that Fred Thompson would drop out no matter what happened in Iowa.
36. He has abandoned RomneyCare now that he is running for president, abdicating responsibility for the monster he created.
37. His personal financial disclosure form is incomplete, misleading, and not on deadline.
38. He co-opted the National Review.
39. He co-opted Massachusetts Right to Life to get an endorsement (and from a sub-group, not the whole organization).
40. His campaign is the most likely source of the anti-Mormon robocalls in Iowa and elsewhere to set up his speech about religion.
41. He co-opted the Heritage Foundation to write a state-run health plan.
42. He left the Massachusetts GOP so weak that it lost the governor’s mansion for the first time in 16 years.
43. He left the Massachusetts GOP so weak that it was a smaller minority in the legislature than when he took office.
44. Weak employment growth while he was governor.
45. Thinks his family’s service as Mormon missionaries is the equivalent of military service.
46. Hoodwinked Sean Hannity, into thinking he (Romney) is less liberal than John McCain.
47. Hoodwinked Laura Ingraham, into thinking he (Romney) is less liberal than John McCain.
48. Hoodwinked Glenn Beck, into thinking he (Romney) is less liberal than John McCain.
49. Hoodwinked Rick Santorum, into thinking he (Romney) is less liberal than John McCain.
50. Hoodwinked the Great One, Mark Levin, into thinking he (Romney) is less liberal than John McCain.

NYT Downplays Al Qaeda Use of Mentally Impaired Suicide Bombers

Yesterday, NewsBusters’ Kyle Drennan noted how CBS used the news of two coordinated and related suicide bombings in Baghdad to declare that “the new Baghdad feels a lot like the old Baghdad,” and as a platform for a far-left guest to declare that “the Surge isn’t working.

Drennan’s first commenter noted the mentally impaired state of the women who blew themselves up — something CBS “somehow” failed to report.

CBS was not alone in ignoring or downplaying that important aspect of the story, as blogger Confederate Yankee reports (links are in his original; bold is mine):

Two suicide attacks on pet markets in Baghdad today have left approximately 100 killed and twice as many wounded. Both attacks used women “with Down’s syndrome” according the the Daily Mail and less specifically, they were described as “mentally disabled” according to CNN.

Both bombs appear to have been remote detonated. These women probably did not know they were carrying explosives at all, and it would probably be fair to include them among the victims.

The ever-objective, ever-unbiased New York Times saw fit to exclude the horrific detail of their alleged mental disabilities from their reporting of the day’s massacre. It might upset their readers, and cause some confusion over who the real enemy in Iraq is (George Bush).

Confederate Yankee updated his post to note that the Times later appended coverage of the mental status of the women. The Times’s tone is clearly designed to cause readers to be skeptical (bolds are mine):

Iraq’s chief military spokesman in Baghdad, Brig. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, told The Associated Press that the bombers were mentally impaired.

Other officials made similar claims. Maj. Gen. Abdul Kareem al-Ezzi, a senior officer in the Ministry of Interior police commandos, said officials at the Ghazil market concluded after studying the bomber’s severed head that she had Down syndrome. But Iraqi officials have made similar claims in the past, and it was not immediately clear whether the bomber’s head could have been distorted by the blast.

….. One witness, Mohammed Qasem, 35, a vendor at Ghazil, said he saw the woman minutes before the explosion, apparently behaving normally.

A shorter story at the International Herald-Tribune, a Times sister publication, makes no mention of the suicide bombers’ mental conditions.

Confederate Yankee also cites other possible implications of the attacks:

First, it tells us that al Qaeda in Iraq recognizes that attempts to use male suicide bombers and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), their preferred method of suicide attacks for those seeking martyrdom, are no longer effective. ….. There is also some speculation that the influx of would-be foreign suicide bombers into Iraq is drying up.

Today’s attacks also tell us that al Qaeda in Iraq is getting very desperate in seeking the high-casualty attacks that they so value. They were forced to scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel, and use not only women (which they’d prefer to subjugate), but mentally disabled women at that, suggesting that finding willing volunteers is becoming ever more difficult.

Don’t expect to find any alleged “expert” analysts at the Times raising Confederate Yankee’s excellent points any time soon.

In totally related news, the New York Times Company (symbol NYT) reported Thursday that, though it turned a profit in its fourth quarter, December revenues declined a heart-stopping 22.4%.

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Positivity: A Generous Gift From A Frugal Giver

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From Millville, NJ:

Retired Factory Worker Paul Navone Saved His Money For 50 Years And Then Gave It Away

Jan. 18, 2008

At a ceremonial dinner at New Jersey’s St. Augustine College Preparatory School, everyone complied with the dress request for coat and tie.

Everyone but Paul Navone.

Navone, 78, showed up in a sweater he’d bought at the Salvation Army for $3.

“Everything I had on was from a thrift shop. As it is where I’m sitting right here now,” Navone says.

Fact is, this frugal retired factory worker would never spend money on new clothes, vacation or swanky meals. Really. The only reason he came to this dinner honoring the school’s rich new benefactor — is because he is the school’s rich new benefactor.

So begins the story of the unlikely philanthropist.

Navone was born dirt poor and never made more than $11 an hour. He put in 50 years at the glass factories in Millville, New Jersey, working all the overtime he could get.

“I saved. Why would I go home?” Navone asked CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman. “I didn’t have a life.”

He didn’t have a wife or children or a phone or a television. All of which are reasons he was able to save most of his paycheck and let it grow.

“Different people have asked me, ‘What were you saving for?’ Really, never in my life did I save for a specific purpose,” says Navone.

Until, at 78, he finally gave it some thought. He drove over to the local Catholic high school where they were trying to raise money for a swimming pool – and made a huge splash.

The reaction, says Navone, was total amazement.

As a result of all the compounding interest, Navone was able to donate a million dollars for what is now the Navone Pool.

He also gave another million dollars to Cumberland County College for their new nursing education program.

Paul says that it feels good to be rid of those savings — perhaps because after all these years he figured out what he’d been saving for.

“What I invested in is enriching people’s lives,” says Navone.

The linked page also has a video report.