February 6, 2008

‘Dewey Beats Truman’ Moment of Super Tuesday

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In a USA Today e-mail last night, concerning Truman’s home state of Missouri:




In USAT’s “defense”: I have never, ever seen a race turn around like this. Clinton had a 22-point lead after well over half the vote was counted, and was easily up by 50,000 votes at one point. In the final 10% or so of Missouri’s counting, Obama must have been taking 90%-plus of the vote. The answer, as NixGuy pointed out last night, was that St. Louis County votes came in last.

On the GOP side, it wasn’t nearly as radical, but McCain also overcame a pretty big deficit, in this case to Mike Huckabee, to pull out the Show-Me State. St. Louis County also provided the comeback margin.

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  1. MO is always a nail biter as STL always comes in last and always has quite a different voting outlook than the rest of the state. MO, like OH, has two well balanced liberal and conservative population centers. I remember well 2006 and that senate race.

    Kansas City == Cincinnati

    St. Louis == Cleveland

    Comment by dave — February 6, 2008 @ 11:29 am

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