February 12, 2008

Positivity: Head-on Crash Victim Told She Would Never Walk Again; Days Later, She Walks

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From the “Lowcountry” in South Carolina:

Medical Miracle

Thursday, Feb 07, 2008 – 04:31 PM Updated: 03:24 PM

A woman in the Lowcountry is making great strides and taking steps few people thought she ever would again. It is a medical miracle.

If there were Olympic medals for a person’s drive, gold would weigh down Terri Christiansen.

“I could sleep last night I was so ready to get back up here,” she explained during rehabilitation.

This marks the second day Christiansen has walked since 13 days ago.

“I didn’t think I was going to live,” she said about the car accident when a car hit hers head on.

“It was like I was hanging there with a stake in my back. It’s the only feeling I had,” Christiansen explained.

Neurosurgeon Sunil Patel says the accident pushed Christiansen’s spine out of line.

“We told her she would not be able to walk,” he explained.

But the day after Dr Patel performed surgery, Christiansen wiggled her toes.

“He got teary-eyed,” Christiansen explained. “He said, ‘you’re my miracle girl. You are going to make me famous.’”

Patel credits quick work in the field, the ER, the OR and in rehab, which Christiansen does three times a day instead of two and seven days a week instead of five.

She plans to walk down the aisle at her son’s April wedding and play with her first grandchild expected this year.

“I have an awful lot to live for,” she said.

So after one quick breather, Christiansen tries a first on this day: standing on her own.

This is one victory in a personal competition, where success is measured by the strength of spirit.

If any step along the way had gone differently, Dr. Patel says this would be a different story.
For instance: the two men who knew not to move her moments after they witnessed the accident and the emergency responders who immediately stabilized her spine.

This is not the first time the Christiansen’s feel indebted to Dr. Patel. They say one family member suffered aneurisms three separate times and Dr. Patel saved her each time.

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