February 20, 2008

Column of the Day: Gregg Jackson on Conservative Talkers’ and Punditeers’ Failures

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The rest of the world will probably never understand that Mitt Romney’s candidacy was ended by a merry band from Massachusetts and a small cadre of like-minded others who broke through the clutter sufficiently to get the truth out about Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney when it mattered, and where it mattered. That doesn’t change the fact that it is why it went down as it went down.

Gregg Jackson was among the like-minded others.

Though I disagree with him on Mike Huckabee as a presidential candidate (if someone can successfully defend this, I would consider changing my mind), there really is no disagreeing with him about how conservative talk radio, too many allegedly conservative pundits, and way too many allegedly conservative bloggers let down their audiences, and the country, during the 2008 GOP presidential primary season by mindlessly gravitating to Romney.

Jackson’s Tuesday column should be a mandatory hard-drive saver (I have done so) that will become necessary reference material should Mitt Romney consider a future presidential run. It’s also an unpleasant reminder that several conservative talkers, pundits, and bloggers have lost their presumptive aura of credibility:

….. I for one am getting a little sick and tired of listening to the relentless screeds and caterwauling of these conservative elites who are in many regards totally disconnected from the conservative base — especially the evangelical Christian field slaves who bring in the harvest. Why are the spoiled elites complaining about McCain like a bunch of petulant children when the reality is that, collectively, they share considerable blame for the fact that McCain is our likely nominee?

You see for months these conservative elites have been whitewashing by far the most left wing GOP presidential candidate in American history, Mitt Romney.

Most left wing GOP candidate you say, Gregg? But all the conservative talkers told me he was the most able to unite the Reagan Coalition. I thought he was the most conservative candidate we had?

Gregg then does a great job listing why Romney was the most LIBERAL candidate in the GOP field. He has a couple of items over and above what I noted during the past three months that should be understood, so go there.


….. Had these talkers, pundits, and conservative “leaders” told the truth about Romney’s $50 subsidized abortions, failing government run healthcare plan, $700 million in tax increases, increased funding for homosexual indoctrination starting in kindergarten, illegal institution of same sex marriage by misrepresenting the Goodridge court opinion and lying about the Massachusetts Constitution, support for homosexual Scout Masters etc… voters interested in supporting a true conservative would have likely gravitated toward Governor Huckabee far sooner and in huge numbers. But that couldn’t be allowed to happen. The social conservative voters are the field slaves in this party, not the decision-makers.

….. The truth was that their boy Mitt Romney is the GOP’s closest counterpart to the Democrats’ soulless Rorschach test, Barak Obama, a truly dangerous demagogue.

So, please, enough with the McCain-bashing, Rush, Sean, Laura, and Ann….. Do you think thinking conservatives are any more happy than you are with McCain as the Republican nominee? Not on your life. But the difference between you and us is, this is your fault.

Ding-ding-ding, Gregg has nailed it. Mark Levin also deserves a dishonorable mention.

I’ll also add this: The explosive fury of the talkers et al can be largely explained by the fact that they thought that they had McCain dead and buried last summer, and that they could keep him dead and buried. Oops.

Years from now, especially if he wins the presidency, when historians calmly look back on what has happened, they will probably rate McCain’s comeback as one of the most remarkable in American political history, second perhaps only to Richard Nixon’s in 1968.

As I have stated previously, I have serious differences with McCain that I sincerely hope he works on in the coming months. But there’s no denying the impressiveness of what he has accomplished electorally thus far.


UPDATE: A whiny Townhall commenter named Jim wrote —

Give it up, Gregg
Your anti-Romney screeds are boringly predictable. And we should trust you more than Rush, Laura, Mark, etc.? I don’t get your very personal vendetta against Romney. You and (Mass Resistance head Brian) Cameneker make quite a pair.

That they do, Jim. They’re a pair of heroes.

Hillary’s Chances — And Her Choices

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Let’s recap, shall we? Ever since the breathtaking comeback by the candidate I often refer to as BOOHOO (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama) in Missouri, where he erased a 22-point Hillary Clinton lead in the final 40% or so of votes counted to win the popular vote, these have been Obama’s individual and overall primary and caucus margins (source for most: YouDecide08):

Louisiana Primary: 22%
Virginia Primary: 28%
Maryland Primary: 24%
DC Primary: 51%
Wisconsin Primary: 17%

Nebraska Caucus: 35%
Washington Caucus: 35%
Maine Caucus: 19%
Hawaii Caucus: 52%

Average Primary Victory Margin: 28.4%

Weighted-Average Primary Victory Margin (ignoring other Dem candidates): 24.6%
(Obama total primary votes – 2.021 million [62.3%]; Clinton total primary votes – 1.223 million [37.7%])

Average Caucus Margin: 32.75%

The nine primaries and caucuses above account for 69 electoral votes, or 13% of all Electoral College votes in the presidential election.

If this were any candidate other than Hillary Clinton, they’d be screaming “Stop the fight!”

Nevertheless ….. (hesitating) ….. (hesitating) ….. (oh, all right) ….. despite doing better than the polls predicted, and despite the accepted exit-poll wisdom, Obama should have won by more in Wisconsin last night, because a large percentage of the Dairy State’s population, including Greater Milwaukee, is within 100 miles of his Chicago home base. It seems almost comical to talk of losing by almost 17% as a hopeful sign, but I actually think Obama’s slimmer margin vs. other primaries in the past two weeks indicates that Hillary’s attacks in the past week have had at least some effect.

I still don’t think Mrs. Clinton will win either Texas or Ohio, but Obama’s victories may be “held” to single digits in each of those two states, which together have 54 general-election electoral votes. I still think it will be too little, too late for Mrs. Clinton, who may find that even she and her egocentric husband can’t withstand the pleas to withdraw that will surely start cascading down on them come March 5 at about 12:01 a.m. if Obama wins both big states.

Unless ….. (hesitating) ….. (hesitating) ….. (hoo boy, here goes) ….. the Clintons decide to play one or more of three very dangerous cards in the coming two weeks: Obama’s true racial makeup (hint: it’s not African-American, per Kenneth Lamb), his “composite”-reliant autobiography (with a healthy dash of Oprahypocrisy vs. another less-than-truthful author), and/or his father’s true life story (vs. the one Obama wrote up).

It will not be enough for Mrs. Clinton to rely on surrogates — even her husband — to play these cards for her. She’ll have to roll them out herself, maybe even at one of the remaining debates. If it works, she’s a ruthless genius. If it backfires, she may be seen to have played the ultimate in race cards, in which case she and her husband could be ruined in the Democratic Party for life.

It’s even conceivable that she could decide to play one or more of these cards after losing OH and TX in an attempt to sway superdelegates, and perhaps even to turn “pledged” delegates. Although that would redefine winning ugly, it’s not inconceivable.


UPDATE 1: If Obama-Clinton were a general presidential election, Obama would be ahead in electoral votes (EVs) 193-161, if no credit is given to Clinton for MI and FL’s tainted 44 EVs. By running the table on March 4 (OH, TX, VT, and RI), he would “win” another 61 EVs, and, at 254, would be within 16 of gaining a majority of the Electoral College’s 538 EVs.

Even if Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is right about the unwillingness of his state’s white Democrats to pull the lever for a non-white candidate, Obama could achieve that mythical EV majority with a clearly likely win in NC (15 EVs) plus any one of eight remaining primary or caucus states. UPDATE 1A: This assumes that Obama would win all EVs in ME and NE, which can split their electoral votes. Based on his overall margins in those states, that’s a pretty safe assumption.

UPDATE 2: On Sunday, Andrew Walden at Pajamas Media wrote of how the Clintons “risk ‘setting black America free from the Democrat Party.’”

UPDATE 3: Larry Kudlow channels 10 day-old BizzyBlog — “It’s Over.”

Positivity: Crash survivor Lisa Klassen ‘experienced the hand of God’

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From Winnipeg, Canada:

Nine days after miraculously surviving a 15-metre plunge into the icy Red River north of Winnipeg, Lisa Klassen can’t remember the accident. But because of her strong faith, she is certain the horrific crash happened for a reason.

“I’ve really experienced the hand of God throughout the whole experience. I know that everything is part of his plan,” Klassen told a room full of reporters as she sat in a wheelchair beside family members.

“(My survival) is a miracle. It was God’s hand, and obviously it wasn’t my time.”

Klassen, 23, smiled shyly and laughed as she talked about the support that has been pouring in from around the world since her accident on an icy highway bridge made headlines last week.

“It’s hard to keep track, it’s been that overwhelming. And I can’t thank people enough for that. It’s been incredible,” she said.

By Klassen’s side was her older sister, Olympic speed-skating champion Cindy Klassen, who said she will “likely” cancel the rest of her season.

“Skating is important to me, but it’s not everything. My family and my faith are the No. 1 things in my life and so it’s great to be able to be here to support Lisa,” she said.

Cindy Klassen is “Canada’s all-time most decorated Olympian.”