March 4, 2008

Couldn’t Help But Notice (030408)

Memo to Victoria Wells Wulsin Whatever: Assuming you win the OH-02 Democratic Primary today, this isn’t going away (HT The Bellwether Daily via NixGuy), even if your buds at the Cincinnati Enquirer continue to protect you. You’ve had two years to fix this; I’m assuming that you would have, if you could have.


What this Washington Post article is trying to say, but won’t, is that Victoria’s Secret stores crossed the line from sexy into sleazy several years ago. Now they’re trying to crawl back.


YouTube is going live.

That’s great, but I hope some alternative outlets do the same. YouTube management has acquired a serious case of political correctness (examples here and here) that in the long run could make bias from the likes of Dan Rather et al seem like the good old days.


Recent Old Media outrages spotted at NewsBusters:

  • From Scott Whitlock, “ABC’s Chris Cuomo: Prince Harry ‘Expendable’” — “‘Good Morning America’ co-host Chris Cuomo joked on Monday’s show that Britain’s Prince Harry ‘has been over in Afghanistan fighting because he’s expendable. ….. The reason that Harry is allowed to be in Afghanistan is because he’s not the heir to the throne. William’s not allowed to be there.’” Cuomo’s remarks were not only tasteless, they are untrue, as William is scheduled “to be depoloyed on the frontline.”
  • Martin Finkelstein, “NYT Term for Eco-Terrorists: ‘Anti-Sprawl Activists’” — incomprehensible near-sympathy at the New York Times (“House Fires With a Message in the Northwest”) for the eco-terrorists (term used by the AP) who did millions in damage to four model homes north of Seattle. The homes appear to have been targeted because they were built using so-called “green” techniques; in essence, the eco-terrorists wanted us to know that the mere act of attempting to build something violates their sick view of an ideal world. I wonder if the Times would be so sympathetic to “message deliverers” if any targeted Times Company property?
  • Lynn Davidson, “Expert: IDF Didn’t Shoot Intifada Icon Mohammad al-Dura; Media Yawn” — Before the term “fauxtography” was coined, there was the incident that gave rise. It involved the claim that “(Israeli soldiers) killed the boy who was crouching behind his father during a gunfight between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian shooters.” It has been shown beyond doubt to have been staged.

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