March 10, 2008

Fox: Eliot Spitzer to May Resign as NY Guv, Possibly to Be Indicted

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The Fox story is about his apparently imminent resignation. The New York Times, AP, and Bloomberg also have coverage. Saturation will certainly follow.

Allah at Hot Air, in the updates, is also saying that “sources tell Fox that Spitzer’s been indicted.”

The short-term well of sympathy for Eliot Spitzer around here is bone dry, but I obviously wish everyone, including Eliot, the best in the long-term, including what comes after this life. The short-and long-term sympathy wells for his family, friends, and others adversely affected, run wide and deep.


UPDATE, 4PM: If he’s going to resign, he hasn’t said so yet, based on his press announcement. The Fox headline hasn’t changed, but the text notes the non-resignation thus far. My guess: He’s going to gauge public reax first before deciding whether to give it up.

UPDATE 2, 4:10 PM: Per Allah, Neil Cavuto at Fox Business is saying that the resignation will come “later today.”

UPDATE 3, 4:20 PM: His statement’s “progressive values” schtick was way too much for this observer to handle. Lefties should be outraged at that gambit, which I see as telling everyone, in essence, “I’m too important to progressivism to go away, so I need to stay.” Castro’s “la causa,” so to speak.

I hope Spitzer thought that one up on his own, because any adviser who believed that line of argument would be effective should be fired on the spot.

UPDATE 4, 4:30 PM: IIRC, Spitzer did guest stints at Daily Kos in Summer 2007. If I’m right, do you think Kos will scrub Spitzer’s entries? Actually, the entries (here ["Congratulations on a Great Weekend"]and here ["Why I'm Suing the Bush Administration"]) are not as ironic as some of the comments.

UPDATE 5, 10PM: No action on Spitzer’s part yet. I guess they’re focus-grouping the situation to see if they think Spitzer can survive without resigning, and to see if the Democratic Party’s situation will suffer if he stays on.

UPDATE 6, 12:25 a.m.: CBS News is reporting “Spitzer Resignation Expected.” The first video at the link (first of a continuous series) indicates that the state’s GOP, which I believe has a legislative majority is in the minority in Albany (corrected on March 11 — Ed.), is saying it will give Spitzer 24-48 hours before it begins impeachment proceedings. Hang in for the rest of the series for other details relating to the situation.


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  1. The bigger question for Ohio: Will Marc Dann get ANY ideas from this debacle?

    Comment by Matt Hurley — March 10, 2008 @ 4:15 pm

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