March 18, 2008

Analyses of the Day: Allah and Shelby Steele Nail Obama’s ‘Checkers’ Speech

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….. so I don’t have to.

Read the speech by the candidate I refer to as BOOHOO (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama; partial vid is here).

Then catch Allah at Hot Air:

Partisanship aside, as much as I loathe his politics, I always liked Obama the man and believed that his devotion to racial reconciliation was sincere. I don’t anymore. He exploited Trinity politically to establish his black “authenticity” and then demagogued Clinton for challenging his image as the post-racial candidate, and now the two have bumped up against each other so suddenly it’s time for a circle-squaring conversation that can really only end in electing him president. Typical politician, just a bit smarter than the rest. Shows you how naive I am that I’m surprised.

You’re not alone, pal.

Following that, visit the man of Steele (bold is mine):

….. now the floodlight of a presidential campaign has trained on this usually hidden corner of contemporary black life: a mindless indulgence in a rhetorical anti-Americanism as a way of bonding and of asserting one’s blackness. Yet Jeremiah Wright, splashed across America’s television screens, has shown us that there is no real difference between rhetorical hatred and real hatred.

No matter his ultimate political fate, there is already enough pathos in Barack Obama to make him a cautionary tale. His public persona thrives on a manipulation of whites (bargaining), and his private sense of racial identity demands both self-betrayal and duplicity. His is the story of a man who flew so high, yet neglected to become himself.

Dead on.

Read them all.

Ahead of Obama’s ‘Checkers’ Speech ….

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So the presidential candidate I refer to as BOOHOO (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama) is going to give his “Checkers” speech today.

It’s instructive that hard lefty Ron Fournier of the Associated Press, last seen giving the candidate I refer to as HR4C (Hillary Rodham Cackling Crying Complaining Clinton) and her husband, ARIFPOTUS (Accused Rapist and Impeached Former President of the United States) Bill Clinton, a lot of grief, has set his sights on Obama:

Obama walks arrogance line

….. both Obama and his wife, Michelle, ooze a sense of entitlement.

“Barack is one of the smartest people you will ever encounter who will deign to enter this messy thing called politics,” his wife said a few weeks ago, adding that Americans will get only one chance to elect him.

Obama’s cool self-confidence got him into trouble in New Hampshire when he said Clinton was “likable enough,” faint praise that grated on female votes who didn’t appreciate him condescending to the former first lady.

Privately, aides and associates of Obama tell stories about a boss who can be aloof and ungracious.

….. If arrogance is a display of self-importance and superiority, Obama earns the pejorative every time he calls his pre-invasion opposition to the war in Iraq an act of courage.

While he deserves credit for forecasting the complications of war in 2002, Obama’s opposition carried scant political risk because he was a little-known state lawmaker courting liberal voters in Illinois. In 2004, when denouncing the war and war-enabling Democrats would have jeopardized his prized speaking role at the Democratic National Convention, Obama ducked the issue.

Fournier, like Zell Miller at the 2004 GOP convention, could have gone on, and on, and on.

About that “one chance,” Michelle — threat or promise? Or will that be yet another previous statement to “back away from,” like your husband’s 2004 promise that “I will serve out my full Senate term” in the Senate before considering a presidential run?

Dictionary update: “Back away from” is Democrat-ese for “I lied, but the press will forgive me, so it doesn’t matter.”

Couldn’t Help But Notice (031808)

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Yesterday’s WSJ, on the difficulties in the financial markets, warns that inflation isn’t dead:

Which brings us to tomorrow’s (now today’s — Ed.) Fed meeting. The markets are expecting another cut of 50-75 points in the benchmark fed funds rate, and if recent history is a guide will immediately price into futures another 50-point cut down the road. The stock market may rally, until it once again decides that easier money can’t remedy what is fundamentally a problem of bank solvency. That problem can only be resolved by financial institutions and regulators coming to grips with the losses, raising more capital to cushion the blow, and closing or selling those banks that can never recover. That will require a more aggressive, and pre-emptive, regulatory role for the Fed — and that we would applaud.

What the U.S. and world economy don’t need is a Fed that continues to insist that inflation expectations are “well-anchored” when everyone else knows they aren’t. The Fed needs to restore its monetary credibility, or today’s panic could become tomorrow’s crash.

It would appear that financial institutions that bought heavily into the excesses of the subprime situation without requisite caution are paying the price for their follies. It is important that this happen.


As has so often been the case with overseas events, the best coverage of the Tibetan situation is at blogs.

One is the Tibet Will Be Free blog of Students for a Free Tibet. Go there.

Just one coverage example that makes the point: The Economist took the pictures, but the blog explains them.

The indispensable RConversation reports that the Great Firewall of China, whose construction has been assisted by members of the BizzyBlog Internet Wall of Shame, is doing a “good” job of keeing the Chinese people in the dark about events in Tibet.


A “Jeopardy” answer: The United States.

The question: What country that has achieved a 28% reduction in greenhouse emissions per dollar of real GDP? (quoting from an EPA report excerpted at the Reason link):

In 2006, total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were 7,201.9 Tg CO2 Eq. Overall, total U.S. emissions have risen by 14.1 percent from 1990 to 2006, while the U.S. gross domestic product has increased by 59 percent over the same period (BEA 2007).

The math: 114.1/159.0 = 71.8%, i.e. a 28.2% reduction per unit.

If the globlarmists (those who erroneously believe that global warming is occurring, that it is primarily man-made, and that radical reductions in living standards are required if the planet is to survive) wanted to have their cake and eat it too, they would leave the US economy the heck alone. More prosperity, less greenhouse gas per unit of prosperity. In fact, they would encourage initiatives like the Asia-Pacific Partnership that promise to help developing nations like China and India achieve similar per-unit reductions. But they won’t.

Positivity: Fighting Cancer One Hair at a Time

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From Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Updated: March 16, 2008 09:42 PM

More than 100 people went bald in Green Bay Sunday afternoon to raise money for children’s cancer research at the annual St. Baldrick’s Day celebration.

Sitting down in makeshift barber chairs, men and women prepare to receive new looks.

Stephanie Collier said, “My heart was really calling me to do it and I had hair to share so.”

Stephanie collier is one of the several women who decided going bald to show solidarity with children battling cancer.

“It’s really important to me. I think it’s part of our human nature to help other people that are in need.”

And it wasn’t just everyday people who volunteered to receive an easier to manage hairstyle.

More than 20 Green Bay police officers also went bald, raising more than $6,000 for children’s cancer research in the process.

Officer Gary Richgels said, “Everybody gets their haircut for the most part and this is something you want to do. You want to come here, you want to be apart of it.” …..

Go here for the rest of the story.