March 21, 2008

Hamas-Obama-Wright Resonates

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The exposure here at BizzyBlog on Monday of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s clearly terror-sympathetic decision to reprint “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle” (originally “Hamas’ stand” when it appeared in the Los Angeles Times) in the July 22 edition of the Trinity United Church of Christ’s weekly bulletin has garnered quite a bit of attention. The author of the reprinted article is an indicted terrorist (indictment here), one Mousa Abu Marzook, who is HAMAS’s political director and a fugitive from justice believed to be in Syria.

In an update yesterday, I noted that astute readers better versed in jihad-related matters also pointed to another item in the original post, a July 8 church bulletin column by Obid Safi of the Progressive Muslims Union. That organization’s “progressive” nature has been called into question.

Both items have, justifiably, raised further “What did he know and when did he know it?” and “What does he really believe?” questions about the presidential candidate I frequently refer to as BOOHOO (Barack O-bomba Overseas HusseinObambi“ Obama).

Here is a roundup of some of the reaction elsewhere.

Melanie Phillips at the UK Spectator Online:

Did Obama, as a worshipper at the Trinity church, receive this bulletin through his letter-box? Did he read this article? Did he agree with it? How can he so brazenly continue to affirm his commitment to such a pastor and such a church?

Debbie Schlussel defended my status as original source for this story; I greatly appreciate that defense. I didn’t notice it at first, but another outfit, namely WorldNetDaily, dressed up the news as an “exclusive,” and linked only to the JPEG of the sermon instead of the post. They have fixed the link, which is fine, but I have since learned from another source that WND’s definition of “exclusive” is “any article that is exclusively at their site.” Zheesh — that’s really weak.

Right Turns“A Friend to Hamas”:

Jeremiah Wright is the gift that keeps on giving. Barack Hussein Obama (this time his middle name will fit) has lain down with the white-hating, America-hating, Jew-hating angry black man. Lain down for twenty years; given tens of thousands of dollars to the man’s church; and, given the choice, repudiated not him but his grandma. Along with all “typical white people.”

The Strata-Sphere notes interesting timing:

At the same time Osama Bin Laden calls for jihad against Israel (presumably to divert US and international forces from their plans to take out al-Qaeda’s last refuge in the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan) we learn Democrat presidential candidate Obama’s church was distributing Hamas literature calling for the destruction of Israel. Can the coincidences get any more bizarre?

This Ongoing War:

A Chicago pastor, recently famous for ministering to one of the Democratic Party’s leading contenders for president of the United States, evidently thinks Hamas is decent enough, religious enough, acceptable enough to get pride of place in his church’s newsletter.

The Hamas manifesto published in the Chicago church’s letter (extract pictured above right) defends terrorism as legitimate resistance, refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compares the terror group’s official charter — which calls for the murder of Jews — to America’s Declaration of Independence.

Gateway Pundit:

Maybe, this should not be so shocking since the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a former Muslim and black nationalist.

Infidels Are Cool:

Call me a crypto-racist, but something is seriously wrong with Obama if he continues to defend his church. Are these liberal Obamaniacs going to put this guy in office? It’s not even about his Pastor anymore. It makes you wonder what the elders, associate pastors and congregation believe as well.


The onus is on Obama, not only to disown such views, but to prove he doesn’t harbour them. After choosing this church because of Wright and staying there for 20 years, Obama will be very hard pressed to do so.

Doug Ross:

As a reminder, Hamas’ attacks on civilians have killed scores of Israelis and Americans.

Even more unsettling is the realization that Barack Obama was aware of Wright’s virulent anti-Semitic leanings, his implicit support for terror and obvious racism and chose to do nothing. Instead of divorcing himself from this hateful loser, he instead wedded his campaign to his “spiritual mentor”, adviser and friend.

Patterico (read the whole things):

  • March 20 — Wright’s Stance on Israel Could Cost Obama Jewish Votes
  • March 19 — Why Wright Will Remain Important — How Many Degrees of Separation Between Obama and Black Nationalist Separatist Movement?

Others: ALERT, Seraphic Secret, Fausta, Steve’s Blogspot, Pamela at Atlas.

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  1. [...] Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s decision to publish a Hamas manifesto in his church bulletin — perhaps one of the most abrasive things one could print in one’s church newsletter — seems to be part of his now increasingly indefensible MO. Obama has called the decision “outrageously wrong” and told the JTA: “I have already condemned my former pastor’s views on Israel in the strongest possible terms, and I certainly wasn’t in church when that outrageously wrong Los Angeles Times piece was re-printed in the bulletin,” Obama said in a statement e-mailed to JTA late Thursday. [...]

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