March 28, 2008

Mississippi Judge Indicted: Yet Another ‘Name That Party’ Story

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An Associated Press story by Chris Talbott on the indictment of Mississippi judge Bobby DeLaughter waited until the end of the second paragraph to even name him, and never identified his party:

Miss. Justices Suspend Embattled Judge

The Mississippi Supreme Court suspended a prominent judge Friday who is being investigated for his role in a dispute over fees involving attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs.

The court sided with the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance, which was concerned that Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter might have accepted a bribe.

DeLaughter had said this week that he would not fight the action. He is suspended indefinitely.

The hold-off on even using the judge’s name is more than a little noteworthy, as the judge is at least semi-famous:

DeLaughter, a former assistant district attorney, rose to national attention for prosecuting Byron De La Beckwith in the early 1990s for the 1963 murder of NAACP field secretary Medgar Evers. The case was portrayed in the 1996 movie “Ghosts of Mississippi,” with Alec Baldwin playing DeLaughter.

As to DeLaughter’s party, I know we don’t even have to ask. But we’ll eventually get to the proof in this AP story from February 22:

Lott could be potential witness in Scruggs trial

Oxford — Both the defense and prosecution in the federal bribery case against famed plaintiffs attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs and his associates plan to call retired Sen. Trent Lott to the stand if a judge allows testimony about Scruggs’ “prior bad acts” in the upcoming trial.

U.S. District Judge Neal Biggers Jr. is considering whether to allow testimony about what a federal witness called a bribery attempt of Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter in an unrelated case.

It was the second time during a two-day hearing to deal with several motions that the former Republican senator’s name was brought up in connection with Scruggs, his brother-in-law.

No, we’re not there yet in that February AP story. In fact, we’re nowhere near there, though, as you can see above, Trent Lott was identified as a Republican in the third paragraph.

It is in Paragraph 15 of the AP report where DeLaughter’s party is finally revealed:

Keker argued that testimony about the alleged bribe attempt should be excluded because there is nothing illegal about a lawyer suggesting a judge for a federal post. He also noted that DeLaughter is a Democrat, making it unlikely that he would be appointed by a Republican administration even if Lott used his considerable influence for his cause.

Par for the course.

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Greetings to Jake Tapper of ABC News

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TOPSIDE UPDATE: ABC has updated its post to link to the full BizzyBlog post in text at the end of the item involved. Though less than perfect (OK, I’ll stop whining), their prompt response is appreciated.


Hey Jake –

Thanks for covering the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright church bulletin story.

If you’re here, I assume it means that you are looking for the BizzyBlog entry relating to Trinity United Church of Christ’s July 22, 2007 bulletin, and following up on my phone call to ABC’s Assignment Desk. Thanks for visiting.

The entry is here (“TUCC’s Church Bulletins from July 2007 Probably Make Whether Obama Was Present on July 22 Irrelevant”).

If you could fix the link at your Political Punch blog entry to go to that entry instead of to the JPEG of the two relevant pages of the bulletin, I would appreciate it.

Of course, I would have appreciated it more if you had (as one would reasonably expect) linked to the BizzyBlog entry from the very beginning, so that my blog would have received proper credit for the hundreds, or maybe thousands, of page views your direct link to the JPEG caused the blog to lose.


UPDATE: Jake, while we’re on the topic of your Political Punch blog entry, you wrote this about Obama’s appearance on “The View”:

Sen. Obama in an interview to air Friday on ABC’s The View says he did not read the bulletins in his church. “I don’t purchase all the DVD’s and I didn’t read all the church bulletins…. “

Clever use of “all,” wouldn’t you say? But the question is whether Obama generally looked through the bulletins when he attended church.

This BizzyBlog entry (“Did The New Republic Out Obama As a TUCC Bulletin Reader in March 2007?”) refers back to a New Republic article (Google search result for direct access [3rd and 4th listed results]; alternative link) from March 2007 stating that the author saw Obama taking notes during a Wright sermon. I believe the odds to be very high that Obama was taking those notes in the “Sermon’s Notes” section TUCC helpfully provides in each ….. church bulletin ….. you know, the ones he “didn’t read all” of.


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Water, Wal-Mart, and Reverend Wright

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Bottle-y harm — This is so predictable (HT NixGuy):

Revenues from Chicago’s new bottled water tax are trickling in — at a rate nearly 40 percent below projections — exacerbating a budget crunch that has already prompted Mayor Daley to order $20 million in spending cuts.

January collections were $554,000. That’s far short of the $875,000-a-month needed to meet the city’s $10.5 million-a-year projection.

If form holds with previous attempts by state and cities to enforce cigarette and liquor tax enforcement, the city will:

  • require that bottled water be purchased only in the city.
  • station police outside the Wal-Marts in the nearby suburbs to track and bust city residents who buy their water elsewhere.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, though Mayor Daley vetoed the “big box” ordinance that would have required stores like Wal-Mart to pay above-market wages and benefits in September 2006, the city’s clear hostility has led the company and other big-boxers to build stores just outside the Windy City in inner-belt suburbs, attracting much business from city residents.

The city’s hostility to the big boxes is a three-fer going the wrong way:

  • It doesn’t get the benefit of jobs inside the city.
  • It doesn’t get collect bottled water taxes when city residents buy their bottled water at the inner-belt Wal-Marts.
  • It imposes the higher costs found in non-big box stores on elderly and other less-mobile residents, many of whom would greatly benefit from the substantial savings (see Update 2 at link) the big boxes offer.

Cruise through the church bulletins of the Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), and you’ll find that one of their pet causes was the aforementioned big box ordinance, and that the church has been, and still may be, a big supporter of boycotting Wal-Mart. The Reverend Wright’s “compassion” thus works directly against the ability of many in TUCC’s congregation to meet their basic needs.

Couldn’t Help But Notice (032808)

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Nominee for most underreported story of the week (HT LGF):

Colombia said it seized at least 66 pounds (30 kg) of uranium from the country’s biggest left-wing rebel group on Wednesday, the first time radioactive material has been linked to the four-decade-old guerrilla war.


AFP reports thatHuman Rights Campaigner” (yeah, that’s what they called him; HT Hot Air) Mumia Abu-Jamal temporarily dodged being executed for the murder of “a police officer” in 1981.

Memo to AFP — The police officer had a name: Daniel Faulkner.


The trend of people voting with their feet continues. Midwestern urban areas lost residents yet again in the latest Census Bureau update. AP, of course, doesn’t fully explain why the population gainers are who they are:

Experts credit much of the growth in the South to relatively strong local economies and housing prices that are among the most affordable in the U.S.

“People are running away from unaffordable housing, from the economic slowdown,” said Karl Eschbach, a state demographer in Texas. “I would expect Texas to stay at the top of a slowing game.”

But why are the local economies strong, and the areas relatively affordable? Lower taxes, less regulation, and relatively low crime rates.

Positivity: Birthday cake saves German driver in crash

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From Germany’s “The Local” (HT Fox News):

Published: 21 Mar 08 15:58 CET

A German driver walked away from a car wreck unhurt after finding a soft landing in her own homemade birthday cake, police said on Friday.

The 26-year-old woman skidded on a snowy street and slammed into a tree near the city of Freudenstadt in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg.

The car was completely wrecked. But the woman escaped unhurt after being caught by her airbag and birthday cake, police said.