April 9, 2008

TILTPAT-BIDHAT4 (040908, Evening)

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“Things I‘d Like To Post About Today; But I Don’t Have Any Time ‘4‘”:

  • Carnegie Mellon’s The Tartan, from Monday (HT LGF) — (my title) “Michelle Obama’s handlers: ‘We need more white people in our artificially diverse crowd background.’” Memo to the objectively unfit presidential candidate I refer to as BOOHOO (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama): You’re going to need a lot more white people in November. As long as you don’t truly repudiate “black liberation theology,” along with the Trinity United Church of Christ, which intends to continue preaching it, you’re not going to get them. Count on it.
  • Absolut-ly pulled. A company with a brain would never have run such an ad, showing most of the American West as part of Mexico, in the first place.
  • Seventeen Iraq War combat vets are running for Congressional seats as Republicans. Y’think Old Media will fawn over them as they did Democrats Paul “I’m Pretending to Be a Republican” Hackett and Tammy “I Won’t Live in My District” Duckworth? Fortunately, both lost.
  • Barack Obama’s candidacy “has unleashed a barrel of bilge from within the black community.” Yup.
  • Task Force Marne, from mid-March — “3rd Infantry Division completes re-up goal in record time” (HT Mudville Gazette) — Thank goodness the war is considered a just cause by those whose job it is to defend us.
  • Politico — Oprah’s popularity has taken a hit (HT Instapundit). The cause appears to be an O-Bomb-a.

Radio Appearance Alert: WBT in Charlotte, 4PM

I got a call yesterday from talk radio station WBT, 1110 AM and 98.3 FM, in Charlotte, NC.

Tara Servatius, who is subbing in the 3-6 PM slot for Jeff Katz, will have me on shortly after 4 PM to discuss last week’s jobs report, my various posts relating to it, and likely other econ-, biz-, and media-related topics.

Relevant links are:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation Report for March, released this past Friday morning.
  • My immediate coverage of that report.
  • “Old Media’s Seasonally Ignorant Employment Reporting” (at BizzyBlog; at NewsBusters) — a Friday post that criticized Old Media, particularly Jeannine Aversa of the Associated Press, for abusing seasonally adjusted data to act as if tens of thousands of people were let go from their jobs, when in reality 574,000 jobs were added in March and 529,000 were added in February (both figures are subject to revision in future months).
  • “AP: Is It ‘Recession No Longer a Question’ or ‘Widening Agreement’?” (at BizzyBlog; at NewsBusters) — a Saturday post that ripped Ms. Aversa for repeating her mistake with seasonally adjusted data in a later report , and for contradicting herself within the first five paragraphs about whether we are definitely in a recession or not.

I appreciate the invitation, and hope readers in Greater Charlotte can tune in. Those not in the area can listen live online by going to this page at WBT’s site and clicking on the “Click here to Listen!” link at the top of the page’s content.

TILTPAT-BIDHAT4 (040908, Morning)

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“Things I‘d Like To Post About Today; But I Don’t Have Any Time ‘4‘”:

  • Times of London, April 6 — Coming Soon: Superfast Internet.” Bring it on.
  • Captain Ed at Hot Air — “75 Colombia unions want the free-trade agreement.” Will US Democrats listen to their “natural constituency” in another country?
  • Justin McCarthy, at NewsBusters yesterday — (my title) “Barbara Walters, Military Expert, Knows More than General Petraeus.”
  • Zombie, this past weekend — “Obama Visits Billionaire’s Row.” That would be the largely “I got mine; tax those who try to get really rich in the future” coalition.
  • John Stephenson, at NewsBusters yesterday — “Media is Absent on Medal of Honor Awardees.”Old Media, under their breath: “Naturally. Nothing noble here. Move along now.”
  • Patrick Poole, at Pajamas Media yesterday — “Your Tax Dollars Funding Terror.” Letting the foxes in the henhouse.
  • Allah at Hot Air — “Video: Obama now lying about lying about McCain’s ’100 years’ comment.” He could have put an ellipse in the title, i.e., “lying about lying about lying about …..”
  • Rest in Peace, Colerain Township Fire Department Capt. Robin Broxterman and Firefighter Brian Schira.

Couldn’t Help But Comment (040908)

Here’s a site to check out – UCC Truths.

The United Church of Christ is the supposedly “mainstream” denomination the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) is a part of. TUCC is the church which the objectively unfit presidential candidate (second item at link) I refer to as BOOHOO (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama) insists he and his family will continue to attend, despite its new pastor’s refusal to renounce Wright’s extensively documented poisonous rhetoric and “black liberation theology” beliefs.

So why anyone be surprised that, at the national level, UCC isn’t really “mainstream”? At least the last time I checked, promoting FALN terrorists as freedom fighters (the Puerto Rican group’s name is translated as “Armed Forces of National Liberation”) was not a “mainstream” cause.

Here’s an “oh by the way” from Wiki which makes the FALN a twofer, as it also negatively affects the other Democratic presidential aspirant (paragraphing added by me):

On August 11, 1999, Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of sixteen members of FALN that set off bombs several times in New York City and Chicago, convicted for conspiracies to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as for firearms and explosives violations.

None of the sixteen were convicted of bombings or any crime which injured another person, and all of the sixteen had served nineteen years or longer in prison, which was a longer sentence than such crimes typically received, according to the White House. Clinton offered clemency, on condition that the prisoners renounce violence, at the appeal of 10 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, President Jimmy Carter, the Cardinal of New York, and the Archbishop of Puerto Rico.

The commutation was opposed by U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons and criticised by many including former victims of FALN terrorist activities, the Fraternal Order of Police, and members of Congress. Hillary Clinton in her campaign for Senator also criticised the commutation, although she had earlier been supportive.

In other words, the presidential candidate I refer to as HR4C (Hillary Rodham Cackling Crying Complaining Clinton) was for it, before she was against it.

This UCC Truths link describes those activities of those whose sentences were commuted, and claims that they did not really renounce violence as a condition of their release.

Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator has more.


A lot of people don’t want to think about planning for retirement:

Planning for retirement is only slightly higher on the groan scale than dieting or starting a workout routine, according to findings from a survey of 1,000 Americans released April 1, 2008.

Whether it’s financial or physical fitness, it’s tough getting started.

Only one in three people surveyed is on track with retirement planning, and about one-fourth haven’t started planning at all. Nearly one-third view retirement planning as slightly more difficult than starting a workout regimen (29 percent) or a diet (28 percent).

….. Obstacles to retirement planning for many Americans, the survey found, include the following:
• Difficulty knowing what types of investments they should make, 42 percent.
• How much they will need to retire comfortably, 40 percent.
• When to retire, 33 percent.
• Where to begin in the planning process, 32 percent.

The federal government, which is in the process, like it or not, of trying to “get by” on a shrinking annual surplus from Social Security that it has become accustomed to gobbling up to paper over more serious deficits than those reported, doesn’t help in the retirement planning department. It’s way too late for anyone over 50 or so without a big stash to think about getting by with a much lower level of Social Security benefits than today’s retirees are receiving. Yet, despite all the denials made by politicians, the possibility exists that they will have to figure out how to do just that — if not during their early years of retirement, then in their later years, when it will be too late for many to even think about going back to work.


Enviros are unhappy with the World Bank:

Developing countries and environmental groups accused the World Bank on Friday of trying to seize control of the billions of dollars of aid that will be used to tackle climate change in the next four decades.

“The World Bank’s foray into climate change has gone down like a lead balloon,” Friends of the Earth campaigner Tom Picken said at the end of a major climate change conference in the Thai capital.

“Many countries and civil society have expressed outrage at the World Bank’s attempted hijacking of real efforts to fund climate change efforts,” he said.

….. developing countries want climate change cash to be administered through the existing United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), which they feel is much less under the control of the Group of 8 (G8) richest countries.

Likely translation: We’re really mad that the World Bank won’t just give the money to the corrupt kleptocrats at the UN, so they can give some of the money to corrupt governments in the developing world.

(Aside: What in the bleep is Reuters doing quoting a spokesperson for far-left eco-harrassers and possible terrorist collaborators [scroll down to "WALHI's Strange Bedfellows" at link] like Friends of the Earth?)


Karl at Protein Wisdom caught the so-called “Moderate Voice” blogger calling Phil Gramm a terrorist (sorry, no link to garbage such as that), because Gramm supported financial deregulation in the late 1990s. Far-lefties are very good at ruining words with plain meanings, aren’t they?


This is really over the top (HT Hot Air Headlines):

DURHAM – Members of the 2006 Duke University lacrosse team are objecting to the city’s request to shut down a Web site that chronicles the legal proceedings in the players’ federal lawsuit.

….. Lawyers for Duke and the city claim the statements could prejudice a jury.

The more Duke and Durham lawyers keep this kind of arrogance up, the more likely it is that 2006 lacrosse team members will own the school and the town lock, stock, and barrel.

Positivity: Woman saved by grandson’s actions

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From Ozark, Missouri:

Boy, 9, receives Commendation of Merit for his help.
APRIL 5, 2008

When Vicky Wilt woke up in the emergency room, she didn’t know it was her grandson who allowed her to wake up at all.

But she probably wouldn’t have been surprised. She told him: “If Grandma ever doesn’t act the way she should, falls asleep and won’t wake up or trips and falls and hits her head, you first dial 911.”

She’d even taught him to recognize the 9 and 1′s on the phone before he could read.

His quick thinking and maturity saved her life when she had a seizure Feb. 28.

Friday, it earned him a Commendation of Merit during an assembly at Ozark South Elementary.

Christian County Sheriff’s Cpl. D.J. Outhouse presented the commendation.

“We are especially impressed by Tyler’s ability to put aside his fear for the moment and take action to help guide in the proper medical responders to the correct residence,” he said. “Tyler’s actions undoubtedly helped save his grandmother’s life that day.”

Tyler said he had thought about what he would do in case of an emergency. His advice to other kids: “If the phone’s not working, you should get your shoes on and run over to someone’s house and call 911.” …..

Go here for the rest of the story.