April 26, 2008

TILTPAT-BIDHAT4 (042608, Morning)

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Things I‘d Like To Post About Today; But I Don’t Have Any Time “4″:

  • Can’t make this stuff up, from Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters yesterday — “Harrison Ford Gets Chest Waxed to Promote Environmentalism.”
  • Long overdue, from Captain Ed at Hot Air yesterday — “Planned Parenthood protest in DC: Stop targeting African-Americans.”
  • Yikes — This guy, who wrote this blindly partisan, MoveOn mentality riff ripping John McCain for supposedly “tolerat(ing) attacks” that are “Swifboating” Barack Obama (uh-huh — ask the NC GOP) used to be in charge of the Federal Communications Commission. This is a (mostly) free country, Mr. Hundt. Are we ever lucky Mr. Hundt didn’t do even more damage than he did while he was at the FCC. The presidential candidate I irreverently refer to as “JS3M3″ (John Sidney the Mad Maverick McCain III) is not a dictator. When will you ask the candidate I irreverently refer to as “Mr. BOOHOO-OUCH” (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama – Objectively Unfit Coddler of Haters) to stop the attacks on McCain by Howard Dean? (HT Rightwing Nuthouse)
  • At the Wall Street Journal today — “Property Tax Revolt.” Money quote: “So (Arizona’s) Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano has devised a clever way to revive the housing market: Raise property taxes.”
  • Also at the WSJ — “(British Prime Minister Gordon) Brown Takes From the Poor.” Government spending in the UK as a percentage of GDP has zoomed from 37% to 42% in 8 years. Most of it occurred on Tony Blair’s watch, but Brown was the UK’s equivalent of Treasury Secretary during that time.
  • At LGF — “Hatem El-Hady, former chairman of the Toledo-based Islamic charity Kindhearts (closed by the US government in 2006 for terrorist fundraising),” is was a “friend” of Michelle Obama’s, and has used to have a web page at the official Obama web site.
  • Sean Murphy of the Associated Press interviewed me briefly yesterday about the national trend-bucking decline in Oklahoma’s unemployment rate. I don’t mind that I’m not mentioned in his (unbylined) report (though there may be a longer version I haven’t seen yet); I’m just pleased that the possibility that the state’s enforcement-based immigration reform law might be a factor in the improvement has at least been mentioned. Economists Murphy apparently spoke to say that the “booming energy industry” is a more important factor. You can go to the bottom table here (Table 6) and decide for yourself (the energy industry is part of “Natural Resources and mining”). Whether Murphy’s report actually gets carried in the Sooner State’s major newspapers is also another matter.

Positivity: Sabden woman’s hailed a hero after sea rescue

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From Sabden in Lancashire, England:

7:23pm Thursday 17th April 2008

A TEENAGER with ME who overcame her condition to save a young boy from drowning off the Cumbrian coast has been hailed a national hero.

Juliet Tanti, then 18, of Simonstone Road, Sabden, was on holiday in Ravenglass in the Lake District, when she saw seven-year-old Daniel Whitehead swept away by a tidal current.

Despite not having swum for years because of an illness that at times leaves her bedridden, Juliet dived fully clothed into the water to reach the boy and bring him to safety.

She has now been voted Local Hero of the Year 2007 by Reader’s Digest readers.

Daniel was on holiday with his mother, Kate Whitehead, her partner Alan McKenna, his brother and the son of a family friend when Mr McKenna and the boys got into trouble.

Mrs Whitehead said: “What Juliet did was fantastic.

“I was convinced I was watching my son die. Daniel wouldn’t be here today without her.”

For over eight years 20-year-old Juliet has battled against ME (myalgic encephalopathy), a debilitating and little-understood disease characterized by chronic flu-like symptoms, acute fatigue and at times severe pain.

Even the most routine physical activity leaves her confined to her bed for weeks, causing her to miss years of school.

Juliet and friend Kaite Mottram, were on holiday at her grandparents’ home, and had been taking a short lunchtime stroll by the estuary when they heard children screaming.

A man and three small boys were struggling in the rising tide. The girls watched in horror as Daniel, from Preston, was prised from the man’s grasp by the waves.

Julie knew the dangers of the tide, which is funnelled down a narrow sandbar to form a large wave that pounds the estuary, rising by up to 10 feet in a few hours.

As Kaite ran to get help, she acted instinctively, diving into the water to reach Daniel. Struggling against strong currents, she managed to pull him back to the shore.

The rescue took its toll on Juliet. She suffered a severe relapse and did not regain her previous strength for several months.

Wendy Holloway, from the Association of Young People with ME, told Reader’s Digest: “What she did was far beyond anything she could normally manage. She saved a life, but at the expense of her own health.”

The rescue was in August, 2006, and details were published in the magazine in September, 2007.

Nearly two years on, Daniel still has nightmares about the incident and knows he is lucky to be alive.

The family remain in touch with Juliet and they exchange Christmas presents every year. …..

Go here for the rest of the story.